Now he doesn't even want us?!

Everyday bedtime is a battle.

The scene always is that _M , doesn't want to go to sleep and every ten seconds would  come ask for water, or milk or ask to be taken to the loo....for the nth time_anything to avoid going to bed.

Me ,on the other hand  is so worn out by the end of the day ,that my eyes keep drooping without my knowledge.

Nothing is more irritating when you are  so ready to crash on the bed and a little devil comes demanding for more" nighty nighty sleep tighty kiss"; to repeat the prayers one more time,coz the cockroach  is crawling somewhere in the kitchen or  some random reason like "I have to check if I kept my shoe properly on the shoe rack (yea right!)  .

Having no more patience to spare, I threaten in a stern exasperated tone, "M, if you are-not going to bed this minute, close your eyes and  go to sleep, I am never going to talk to you again.I am going tell Dada how naughty you were and he is also not going to talk to you.We will not be your friends anymore"

He replies nonchalantly, " It doesn't matter , annan (big brother)is there for me, he will talk to me and be friends with me for ever".

 hmmmmmmm didn't see that coming!


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