Things are a changing.

The latest trend here, is to bring down old buildings with spacious flats and replace them with taller buildings , smaller flats with exorbitant rents.

The only old building in our area, still intact, is ours.Its going to be a matter of a few more months ,before it is pulled down as well. Its there in the air.I wanted to move before they give us notice to move.

Moreover, our little family has outgrown this teeny tiny apartment we have lived in for over five years .this was the right time to move.

Off we went looking for apartments, and all the ones that were within our budget turns out to be a pigeon hole with no space for kids to walk , leave alone play .

Driving through the entire neighbourhood,we either didn't like the location or the apt, or it was too far away from school _ worse ,near work camps.

Dh found a place that seemed ideal , close to the Jamiya,(co-op) hospital and school. Only drawback, old building- which means more moving in the future.

Just when we were thinking , we are at a dead end, a colleague called up to inform us about this place, which we went to see.Neat Place.

Funny thing is , we drove so many times past this place_ me saying, it would be really wonderful if we found a place there; dh saying, itwas rented out to American camps.

Turns out the American camp contract got over,they did not use a large part of the building and we are occupying a brand new flat as its first ever occupants.See , every flat we have rented so far ,we 've been the first occupants, except in our own house!!

We cannot own property here_ if we could , this would be the kind of flat I would think about buying.

So ,we are shifting tent which means a load of things, other than just change of address..........With sorting, pretending not to notice, but blushing in all shades of purple when hubby shakes his head in disbelief at the huge cartons of my hobby supplies , Packing ,moving happening in full swing,and loads of other things associated with shifting places, no crafting of any sort has taken place.

A is already moaning having to leave his long time friends here.

We had so many lovely memories in this home ,lots of good times and very little bad ones actually so little, I can hardly remember any.

Feeling kind of nostalgic when we find things long forgotten about, like M's little blue hospital wristband and the pregnancy test kits. How casually I tested for pregnancy_,after years of being disappointed _ without really expecting another pink line.How surprised I was at seeing the pink line,that I rushed out and got a couple more test kits to double check that there was no mistake.

This little book I had ,where I wrote everyday of the blessings we had for that day ever since we got married.Had forgotten all about its existence.Every life's little pleasures I take so much for granted these days are there on the list_ something as simple or silly as finding a window seat in a crowded train or eating ice cream from the wayside vendor ! Note to self : start writing it again once settled in the new home.

Tons of letters dh and I wrote each other for the six months he was here while I was in India.chocolate wrappers, cards, wonky crochet projects , my first real crocheted bag torn here and there. books books and more books ..... so many more things with so many memories attached to them.

Little things that remind me that miracles happen when you least expect it and to take time to enjoy the simple things in life.

It doesn't make sense to collect all these things in a country where you are not allowed to put down roots .Now I will just carry the memories .I have as much things I have left behind in India when we moved here.

Being the sentimental fool that I am , getting attached to places and people and stuff easily, its quite hard to throw out all the stuff and leave a home I considered lucky for us. Then I console myself that I would be devastated to see it being pulled down, which is true .

I still cannot find it in me to give up any of my hobby supplies and we are taking them all even if three fourth of the stuff is mine.Its scaring me now, this pack rat habit of mine.I have decided that I will consciously try to be clutter free in the new house.

I have decided

  • that I will not buy anymore yarn or books or anything else until I use up all the things I already have

  • buy only for that project I have in mind when I am about to start working on it

Its almost feels like we are moving to another country .Thank you God we are not!!

We are excited about the new home.

Wish us luck at our new place :)


  1. Oh my, I haven't read blogs in more than a week. I did not realize how much things can change in a short time.
    You couldn't have described it any better, that's also how I felt those times when we moved out - I'm also a sentimental fool, but I'm probably more attached to things (esp. to my crafty stuff).
    Good luck in the move, and in your new home, Pearlin!

  2. Congratulations ! I hope you find your new home just as blessed and lucky as your previous one . I'm glad you like the appartment. The trend out here is the same too- taller buildings with pigeon hole appartments!
    Good luck with the moving and hope all goes smooth. And don't even get me started on the emotional stuff !!!!! I had a tough time with the feelings and memories myself.


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