Why we don't celebrate Valentine's day......

My family  thinks they have to look out for me coz,I have a tendency to forget important days, anniversaries, birthdays, special days.

So when my cousin sister, buzzed  me on Valentines day _Ihad completely lost track of the dates one more time and only after she mentioned it, I remembered it was Feb 14th _I told her,  how after  years of doing the roses and chocolates and gifts , the thought of celebrating Valentines day itself seems kind of repetitive and superfluous when we find romance in mundane everyday life.

Where doing the  small things ,Like he does for me everyday_ taking care of the kids and giving me a break on a hard day; dropping me at my classes coz I have to go and the taxi guy has not arrived or accompanying me for some thing that is important to me putting aside all his work just coz I need his moral support , for a funny joke to make me laugh when I am down; the random calls during the day to say he was thinking of me  _  is so romantic that you don't have to have a special day to show  how special we are to each other  blah blah blah........in my condescending big sister way as always (I know its bad, my poor sisters!)

 After all that big talk ....

 I made a surprise lunch for Dh  with all his favourite food and did some gifts.........

 He  in turn ,surprised me with a surprise dinner at a fancy place,  with flowers, bag , shoes ,cosmetics,  to add to my already overflowing collection ,inspite of mercilessly ribbing me about my obsessions with the said things on several past occasions, coz nothing else cheers me up as much.

 and true to his style_extended the celebrations to one more day_  surprised me with a brunch the morning after, at an even fancier place ,even though the weather contrived to spoil his plans..

All of which and more, had me thanking the Good Lord for letting me share my life with this wonderful man and grinning ear to ear like a Cheshire cat all through the weekend and after.

And to think I'm past all these things, frivoulous humbug that I am!  :P


  1. You are so lucky Pearlin, and who needs Valentine's Day when you've found true love...

  2. Awwww! Thats so amazing and so true ! I too believe that who needs a single day for the clelebration of love and romance ...but then again nothing like being treated like a queen ...lol!


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