A quiltin' we will go

This is the mini quilt I did in the Quilt Workshop.Its called London Stairs.I love this quilt for how easy it is to make once you get the hang of it.

I was thrilled that my teacher thought I had done such a good job on it!!!! :D I matched the seams really well this time around and also matched the blocks without the teacher's help.

I had picked up a lovely poinsettia fabric sometime back during the last workshop and also had some Fat Quarters ( ones, my dh got from the US without me asking him to!).So I wanted to use that for this workshop and the result is this very christmasy Sampler Quilt.

The gold band which brings out the vibrant colours of the quilt blocks so well ,was my teacher's idea.I love how it turned out and I've even decided where I want to display it for Christmas.Talk about getting an early start on Christmas preparations :)

My teacher had incooperated easy ways to make the blocks into this workshop and when she mentioned it was just for me, I was extremely touched!.I must say that her passion for quilting is so infectious that you get so fascinated right from the start and come back totally smitten with the art of quilting!.

She taught me another quilt which is called Quilt as you go quilt which I'm making for M.Right when the workshop was coming to a close, my brand new Brother Machine gave up its ghost! Given my luck, I think I had picked up a machine that was doomed die young ! Anyways, I have a now got another machine, but I havn't seriously started working on it yet.

I learnt quite a bit about fabric too this time , who would have otherwise known that such things as coordinating fabric existed had not the teacher mentioned it. Now shopping for fabric is more fun.( When was it not ???!!!! :P )

This was such a fun workshop , one that I wanted to go on and on and on...... and I can't wait to start the Intermediate workshop.Only thing ,with the mess that is happening in our life just now, I am not sure when I will be able to go back there .Maybe that is a blessing in disguise to practise the basics over and over and keep me in stitches ? hmmmmmm could be ;)


  1. You are amazing with these fiber pursuits! The quilts are looking so lovely:) I'm sew-challenged, but maybe joining my local quilting club will help me get me over my fear of sewing! Great job!!!

  2. Wonderful! I can't believe how fast and long way you've gone! Wow, girl, I wish I could learn too. So proud of you. I love your Christmas quilt and I know you'll get a lot of praises on your quilting .

  3. Excellent work, you're so patient!
    A quilt seems so comforting...
    I love the poinsettia fabric ;)

  4. Thanks Preeti, Believe me I am sewing challenged too,I got lucky when I found my teacher who very patiently put up with me .Yea joining the quilting group would greatly help.I did that too.

    Thanks Yasmin, so sweet of you to say all those wonderful things.I know you 'll be a pro in no time if you start.If I can do it , think what you can do?!
    Thanks Mimi, I love the poinsettia fabric too, instantly makes it all Christmasy :)


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