Athai's Idli Podi

My kids have major sweet tooth .My Mother-in-Law, makes this idli podi,whichis their  absolute favourite !Most of the time, they eat it right out of the bottle like they say in the Horlicks advertisment! ( the one before the adwars started."apadiye sapiduven")


1 cup urad dhal (Skinless black gram split )

3/4 cup Sesame seeds (Black)
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
10 pepper corns
3 dry red chillis
Vellam to taste ( yellow jaggery)


Roast all ingredients one by one except the vellam.

Grind to a coarse powder.

Finally add the vellam and pulse grind for a couple of times, till the vellam blends  into the powder.

Serve with Idlis


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