I didn't mean it to happen

But it did!!!

I mean the disappearing act I did.It wasn't planned. Sometimes Life has a way of stopping you on your tracks and saying " Honey you need to take a crash course on Life's Little Lessons before you turn forty"

So we were dragged in , unwillingly ofcourse, but at the end of it I am grateful for what I have and also for what I don't ! :)

Anyways ,this week M started Lower K.G. I was rather worried how he would like getting back to school .After his sickness, he had gotten so used to staying at home with me. I needn't have worried , he went very cheerfully the whole of last week.No crying on the first day either .

For crying out loud,I was the one who didn't know what to do in the empty house.I survived tho' and now I am enjoying the me- time I have.

I got a giggle out of the fact, he went and asked his class teacher when his quilting lessons will start. The Poor guy still thinks quilting is part of his curriculam . He had been collecting my table linen ,asking if it was cotton and could be used for quilting and also wanted a new sewing Machine ,all week before school started!

Remember I said we were all settled now?, well,I jumped the gun a bit, we still donot have our telephone connection and since I was using dial Up, my internet connection also went with it.

I wonder how I lived before I knew the internet world!!.I nearly went insane not being able to chat with my friends and family and not being able to read my favourite blogs.Now I have a temporary arrangement. But I still cannot use my computer.I am pretty territorial about my stuff so its hard.But something is better than nothing right?

Oh ,and the VBS was loads of fun .

We sang , danced and watched the children dance in glee.I almost started missing my days as a K.G teacher as I helped the kids with their crafts and watched them enjoying it all.I surprised myself being so patient with the kids there.I thought I had lost that virtue after the arrival of my kids!!!!

I found out a fellow teacher there, also crochets.Infact she is an art teacher for the past 25 yrs at a reputed school here.Someone had shown her the bookmark I had made for all the sundayschool teachers sometime back and wanted me to show her how to make it.Since I know this pattern by heart now, I showed her.She later made a bunch of them to give away to the volunteers at the VBS, which I thought was  very cool !

For Easter,we had a little surprise Easter Party for A and his five friends. I made Pizza at home.and got the arabic platter , cake and cold drinks from outside .Had a egg hunt, bunny hop race and also a egg shell breaking race. The children got to take home little goody bags filled with cute stationary things. A was mighty pleased as they all had a blast.

Ok I think I have covered pretty much everything that happened in my life while I was away.Will be back with some pictures soon.


  1. Glad you are back posting, Pearlin!
    I'm sure a mom with kids is always busy. I'm glad you are beginning to enjoy some time for yourself.

  2. Hi, glad to see you're back on the blogging bandwagon. Looks like you have your hands full and with your son off to school, it's always hard for us mamas to handle right!!

  3. Good to see you back ! And it's so cool that little fella is enjoying school...sometimes I truly wonder whether it's tougher for us or the kids!!
    I like that little one thinks he's learning quilting in school...thats so cute ! I hope you do make the most of your 'me ' time. Sit back, thank your lucky star and just Chill!!!

  4. Thanks Mimi, Its always nice to have some time for ourselves :)

    Preeti, its funny how our need to have them around is greater than theirs to have us around.

    Oh yes, I am chilling out totally in the mornings, so much so that I am almost feeling guilty now :D


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