So you wanna know

how the world around, looks in a dust storm ?

This is how!!!

This will give you an idea of how this same place looks in good weather

For two boisterous imps stuck in the home, with a mom, who is no mood to entertain them or lets them jump around the home ,its no fun at all. Trust me. :)

So .........

Mary Poppins has come in to rescue the poor hapless kiddies for the Nth time!!! And while she merrily sings "a spoon ful of sugar makes the medicine go down", they sing along and go about their business of reading a book or playing with their toys.


  1. OMG!! I have heard of dust storm, never seen one. It's terrible to look at. Where do you run when that happens suddenly anyway? :D

  2. And here I thought the duststorm we had in Dubai yesterday was bad - ours was just a tad bit hazy!!!! Glad that Mary Poppins came to the rescue:) Can you still hear the song ringing in your ears???

  3. It looks pretty scary! We also watched the Mary Poppins movie a thousand times when my sons and I were stuck at home!

  4. Welcome Back Asha! So great to see you back. Thankfully we've not been out when it happens suddenly.It also starts slowly which helps taking cover. :)

    Preeti, I even hear it in my sleep! :)

    Mimi, I remember watching it as a kid too on sick days Long Live Mary Poppins ! :)

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