Talked too soon????

* TMI post*

I thought M loved school , from day one.Boy was I wrong?!

Week one- went well, no tears, no tantrums, with just a simple statement thrown in once in a while, that he would like to stay at home instead of going to school .Overall he seemed quite happy and I was happy, that he was finally settling in.

Week two- came the dreadful dust storms, and inspite of all the preventives he 's on, he got sick.Trips back and forth to the hospital, medicines and obviously no school followed. And then when he got a little better, he didn't want to go anymore as he had got comfortable to the pampering he got at home.

Week three- a big fight and buckets of tears later, he agreed to go if his dad got him a Cupcake for his school tiffin."Oh that is all he wants"!!! we heaved a sigh of relief -dad skipped hopped and jumped to the nearby store and got all the flavours of cupcakes he could grab there- and His Royal Highness finally smiled and took his bag and went to school cheerily waving to all of us.

Came back from school with a note that he had loose motion,He had soiled his underpants and came back without it and had spent the  hour at the school clinic complaining of stomach ache. So they sent him home early.You wouldn't have guessed something was wrong if you looked at him when he came back.He was all smiles!!!!Back at home, he was perfectly fine. No more loose motion or stomach ache or anything.

Next day we decided to give him a break. And no nothing at all happened.He was perfectly fine.

Now he says he is done with school and doesn't want to go anymore coz he likes staying at home!!!! Sigh.

And so we are back to square one.

My mother still cribs that I refused to even turn back and say bye to her on my first day at K.G. for fear of being taken back home!! I always loved school.So much so that no school was a punishment my mom often threatened me with!

As a kid,I was a fussy eater and all my mom had to do to make me gobbled up all that was on my plate and lick it clean even, was say the Magic word , 'you won't go to school if you don't do this' Never stayed at home for punishment however. Just saying the words was enough.

I always think I am just as No nonsense as my mom if not more but none of the things that worked with us for my mom seem to work for me.

When I try that trick on my kids, they smile widely, let out a whoop and settle down happily to spend the day at home.I am at my wits ends!!!!!

Dh thinks I am the wierd one for liking school so much.And we just need to be patient and let him stay at home if he wants for some more time, coz he is going to be studying all his life once he starts school.But then he has to start somewhere rt?

Dh is the softie, of us two ,with the children and they always know how to play their cards with him.All it takes is just a puppy dog look from them to melt him into a puddle .

Now that this week is over,I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will finally get the message that he cannot just stay on at home and that he has to go to school.

Not that he does not like to study. He likes to write and draw and colour and look at all his books and repeat the numbers and alphabets say the ryhmes etc , and has me read his books all day long,but all that he wants to do at home and not in the school.Its frustrating!

Just praying the weather gods throw dust on our plans!


  1. My son came back shoe-less every single day of the first week of his school life. Throwing his shoes away was his way of saying that he was having nothing of this school business!!

    But, he got over it from week #2 - see, he made friends with this wee gal in the school van who looked as scared as he did and pretty soon he could not wait for Monday so that he could see Eye-shore-ya again (her name was Aishwarya!!!) He's loved school ever since and he's in Grade 3 now. I hope that little M loves going back to school again!! And I also hope he feels better soon:)

  2. I hope little M will want to go to school you can feel better. I don't remember having much trouble with my sons. Their first school is very near our house, I guess that matters.
    I also think its much easier with us girls...I and my sisters also look forward going to school then, but my brothers had to be scolded sometimes for them to attend.

  3. Poor baby! I can imagine how heart breaking it is to send a little one when he doesn't want to go. I tell my son lots of nice school stories and k=make little paper trophies for him and play act- it works wonders - only sometimes. And then the most wonderful thing , he made friends and he couldn't wait to meet them!!! That solved problems right away. I hope your little fella makes a friend real soon. And looks forward to going to school.


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