I havn't done something I should've done today. I am just tired of having to give excuses.

And to match my mood today, the weather is quite gloomy.

Just as I was staring out balcony door with a million thoughts running through my mind, I saw the sun peep out through the clouds and made me smile.

And when I looked out at the sea and saw two strips of light on the sea, it made me smile every more.

Its hard to drown oneself in self pity after seeing these beautiful things. :D


  1. This may sound strange, but I actually like rainy, gloomy skies - makes me think of rainy afternoons in my hometown (Bangalore) when we used to laze around drinking hot tea and eating roasted peanuts. Yum!!

    I do hope that you feel better soon and it looks like the sunshine has lifted your spirits!
    P.S: Please feel free to send those grey clouds our way, thanks:)

  2. Beautiful view of the sea, P!:))

  3. Good to see that you are feeling cheerful again! I love it that you can make yourself bounce back .I love and admire the little joys of life and guess that's what keeps me cheerful most of the time.
    I too just love the rainy gloomy skies! Remind me of my vacation in India. All those walks in the drizzle and having nice hot coffee. Yes, please send those clouds this way!


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