Should I be mortified?!!

Its obviously this post that is bringing in so much attention!.

Whatever people say ,I love this tissue box cover and do not think it is a silly thing to make.






  1. Actually, Wordpress has started a new "Possibly related posts" under every post, where they pick out random posts from other blog posts which seem related. So it has nothing to do with yours personally, in the sense the What Not to Crochet site was not referring to you, but if you follow the link you will see that your post is linked by Wordpress.

    Don't take it personally ;)

    I was puzzled, too initially by references from unknown blogs, but then I realised the real story.

  2. I think that the comments are divided between those who agreed with the what-not-to-crochet post and those who think there's nothing wrong with tissue box covers. I don't really like the one from annie's attic, but for me it doesn't belong to the WNTC. And, I like the sofa tissue box cover, and maybe someday will make one.

  3. I agree with Swapna, it's just Wordpress acting up ever since the "new and improved" version. I liked the old stuff better, no weird coding to worry about just type and publish. For the record, I think that your version of the tissue box cover is sweet:)

  4. Hey there ! I wouldn't say you have to be mortified at all !! Why should you? The WNTC has not made reference to you of course , it's the " new and improved ' version of word press ( not really liking it! ) . But seriously, even if it did refer to you , you don't have to feel mortified or shamed at all. Every individual has his/ her own taste and likes and it's not any body's business to criticize. If they don't like something, they have the choice of NOT making it! Ofcourse, this is strictly in reference to harmless little crochet designs !
    I love Tissue box covers , I think they are very cute. In fact , I'm working on my third one right now. Btw, I still think yours is very pretty.

  5. Sapna: so that is what it is!.No I didnot take it personally at all. was kind of stunned that people were coming in from WNTC.

    Mimi: sometimes I too think that they have stuff that some people may like making. Just a matter of different tastes I guess.

    Preeti: aww thanks for your compliments on the Tissue box. Isn't the new thing weird? I don't like it at all.I must admit though that , I did find a couple of interesting blogs as a result of this.

    Yasmin: mortified? not at all. I donot take this hobby that seriously ! Bemused ? yes, totally.
    About tastes and no one else' business, can't agree more with you :)

    Thanks ladies once again :)


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