Grocery Bag Holder

When I was checking out pictures of my crochet projects , I realised that none of the things I made, are with me now.I have given away every .single. thing_ not even the doilies are with me.To make up for that, I 've now decided to make some stuff for me to keep around the house.

First on the list is this grocery bag holder

Found the pattern over at Ravelry.

I ran out of the main colour just when I needed to do five more rows, so I used the contrast colour for it.I like how it turned out although I would have been happier if I had enough yarn to finish the bag.

Close up of the Stitch detail

Project details

Yarn :MC : Peaches and Cream Potpourri, I guess ,not sure as there was no wrapper.Got it in a ROAK long back

CC:: Bernat Handicrafter cotton ultrasoft 100% cotton in Apple Green ( colour 00008 dyelot 53115)

* love this colour and this yarn. this was also from a ROAK

Hook: G Hook

Pattern: Front Post Stripe Bag Holder

I love the fact that the CC apple green matches my kitchen tiles :)

I've used up almost all but a little of this apple green yarn , maybe just enough to make a coaster I think.

Edited to add ::

the pattern says
Rows 5-8 :repeat row 5
I think it should say repeat row 4

With this project I've completely used up the Peaches and cream yarn.

have only one more skein of Bernat Handicrafter cotton in a different colour way :(

This is the first time I've worked with Bernat Handicrafter cotton, While working with this yarn, I realised how much I love working with cotton yarn and particularly this one. I know I've said this often, but please let me say it again. wish we got these yarns here too.

How nice it would be to stroll into a yarn store any time you wish and leisurely browse through all the different cotton yarns and choose out from a variety of colours........ hmmmmm a girl can dream can't she?

A thought that came to me in the middle of the night :

The reason my kids are so skinny, could be because, whenever I get a chance, I get hold of them, squish them and say, that I am waiting for them to put on some flesh so that I can eat them up and drink all their juices just like the child eating witch in Hansel and Gretel.

I probably have scared them ........Maybe not, why else would they come up to me and say 'mumma eat me, I'm a stasty baby!"


  1. Very cute bag holder! I can understand how you feel about finishing off your cotton yarn. Thay really are great to with right? I love them too.
    Now that one about not having any crocheted item for myself held good for me too until a while back. But I changed that recently. I have pretty doilies and little random stuff like dishcloths and hot pads in use at home !

  2. Thanks Yasmin.I am planning to make more doilies for my home too. :)


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