Its fun time

So school is out and the children are at home. Our much awaited annual vacation to India may get postponed or may never happen at all due to some unbloggable stuff. And guess what ?!!I am not that disappointed like I should be.On the other hand, we are having loads of fun.

To kickstart, we took the kids to the zoo.Although we have gone there many times before,this is the first time for M .Last couple of times, he fell asleep on his pram.

It was fun to watch his big eyes get as round as saucers when he looked at the snakes , the cheetah , the giraffe , the hippos , the bears and the bird that he was dying to see first hand, the Ostrich.

I don't know why he wanted to see the Ostrich so much.When he first told us he wanted to see the Ostrich, the first thought that came to our minds , was the Ostrich farm that my parents , dh and A went to see when M was a newborn.

Off we went to see those farms, with dreams of seeing a flock of Ostriches ,chicks in all stages and eggs.But when we finally reached there after going round and round the same place and brusting into the Merry Go Round the Mulberry Bush song,when we realised what we were doing, all that greeted us was an old deserted eerily quiet place that once was the farm, with a faded sign board . So we beat a fast retreat.

Only later like always did I remember reading somewhere ,a controversy over having these Ostrich farms ,where Ostriches were raised for meat, and were eventually closed down.

That outing, kind of kindled M's curiosity further and he kept mentioning it on and off.

As we came to the Ostrich's cage, and M shrieked "Ostrich Ostrich",dh and I looked at each other and simultaneously said "why didn't we think of the zoo before??!!" and shook our heads at each other.

I must admit ,I had more fun watching M run from one cage to another, eyes wide and jaw dropped down and excitedly calling out the names of the animals than looking at the animals myself.


A was super excited he found a couple of Macaw feathers and one of an Ostrich too.

He kept asking if he would be able to treat all these animals if he became a Vet .Did I mention, he is Obsessed with Animals and wants to be an Vet even if some ignorant people tease him that he would have to take care of dirty dogs and so must think of becoming a doc instead?

He even has a comeback for it now. "Even docs have to treat dirty patients!" :)


I loved this bird.Doesn't it look like it is made of wood? .

Have to sneak in a bit of a mommy brag here ,A got a distinction for the English and credits for Science and Math in the Australian Exam. Mainly because we did not have much resources to prepare for it . And also first chair for singing. For all of this we are very proud :)


  1. Schools out already! My kids still have 1 more week to go, thay are still giving them projects to do until the last day!

    Zoo is always fun! He is loving it!:)

  2. Very nice to know you are working on learning tatting. When I was very young an Aunty taught me how to do the double stitch but I dont remember it anymore. Tried to start it again a while ago by tutorials on the Internet however I gave up. I love the new technique of crotat now. It gives the same results as tatting and is much simpler. It can be found through Annies Attic.

  3. Asha , they do have loads of Holiday homework too, but its nice their school closed sooner than the rest of the schools here.

    Hi Swetha
    Nice to see you here.I want to try crotat too, may a little later. :)

  4. Its wonderful to rediscover animals through a child's eyes. Your zoo there is amazing!
    Congrats on your boy's accomplishment :)

  5. Thanks Mimi, yes the zoo here is good :)


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