Picture this

M sitting on my lap asking me a zillion questions..........why is the weather dusty , why can't I go out and play, why is annan going to play ......... you get the idea................ finally the nth question........Mumma why do you wear earrings? I want to wear one too......

Mumma, brain dead by now, forgetting all about her great grandfathers who wore diamond /ruby ear studs, and two of her cousins who still do , and that she thinks that it actually looks cool on them and some others, says ...."darling ,only girls wear earrings boys don't."

End of session

Another day another time.

Place : Chruch Resource centre

Mumma browsing thro' some of the books,

Dada in another corner doing the same ,

Big B checking out some more books.

little monster in the middle of the room, gawking at the  people coming in and going out, trying to touch stuff around , getting intermitent warnings to see with only eyes and not with hands...........

tall good looking boy walks in wearing T and distressed jeans, , hair in spikes, ears pierced, singing to himself ...( me looking at him and thinking that could be A in a few years from now,)

little Monster gives him a once over from toe to head and proceeds to ask us in a Loud Voice ( loud enough to make one wonder if he has a built in microphone)

"Mumma see this anna is wearing earrings, Is he a girl?!!!"

I hid behind the book rack pretending the monster in the middle didnot belong to me,wishing the earth would open up and swallow me.

Dada practiced selective hearing and didn't flinch one bit,

Big B was thankfully too engrossed in the book he was looking at,

I prayed fervently the Poor fellow would not hear it , but he did, he smiled at the monster in the middle ,pinched his cheeks, got what he wanted and left soon enough.

I just had to invite my nemesis. no? ugh


  1. Hahaha! That stage of my life is over, thank GOD! I remember all those q's and chatter!:))

    Enjoy while you can. Once they are teenagers, they won't even talk to you but talk for hrs on the ph with their buddies!:P

  2. Asha , don't scare me abt teenagers :)


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