Terarrium and coasters

Now that the weather has changed so drastically, the teeny tiny balcony garden that we have, is taking a severe beating from the ruthless dusty weather and heat,its hard to open out the balcony sit and enjoy the plants

I like having plants around the house but donot like clutter around the house .So we decided to make a terrarium.

I've always wanted to build a terrarium , but was too chicken to try and make one.I chanced upon a few beautiful terrarium pictures on flicker. And worked up the courage to try my hand too.

We didnot get the Sphagnum moss that seems to be one essential thing, for a terrarium, and not many plants to choose from too, still I am excited about mine. The idea of a mini rain forest in a jar fascinates me

I had collected the pooh and friends character sometime back from the kinder chocolate eggs, and decided to make a make-believe Hundred acre wood , pooh bear's thot spot, with all the characters I had ........so handy to weave stories for M,

We love watching the condensation happening and water drops falling like rain..... ah the little pleasures of life!!!

Like I mentioned before , I had enough yarn from the Apple Green Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, to make a coaster.

Project Details:

Yarn:Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Apple Green

Hook: H

Pattern : a free Ravelry download ,

loved how easy and quick and pretty the pattern was.Did not take more than an hour to get them all done.So decided to make half a dozen coasters with this yarn,called Schachenmayr Nomotto Summer Country.

used one skein to make a whole set to match my table cloth.

Yarn :Schachenmayr Nomotto Summer Country. ( summer tweed)

Colour( 52,lot 500)

44% cotton, 44% polyacryl 10% viskose 2& polyester

Hook :H

When I look at this yarn, the tiny fleck on it makes me want to dust them out like little specs of dust has stuck to them :)

Feels like kitchen cotton only softer.

I just picked all the skeins they had at the store , about five. and later, read on Ravelry that this yarn is now discontinued. :(


  1. Oh, I love your garden. Beautiful fish in the jar too, we have a blue Betta as well!:)

  2. Thank you Asha, same pinch abt the fish :)

  3. The Terrarium is superb.... I love "Winne the pooh"

  4. Thanks iaminchennai.We are 'Winne the Pooh fans' too :)

  5. Your plants look wonderful!
    Lovely coasters to match your table decor...
    The yarn look so nice.

  6. [...] I started working with the Schachenmayr Nomotto Summer Country. ( summer tweed), first, but for some reason I could not work the sc stitches properly and so tried to work with the [...]


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