Urara handbag

I've wanted to make this bag from last year, kept getting distracted with this and that.Now that I am on a stash busting mission ( not that I have a stash that needs busting, its just the dh who thinks I do :P )

Anyways, I started working with the Schachenmayr Nomotto Summer Country. ( summer tweed), first, but for some reason I could not work the sc stitches properly and so tried to work with the Catania yarn.It was much easier to work with, so I decided to continue working with it.

The Project Details:

Hook: G

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Catania Color
Dye lot :240

Colour : 0076

Pattern :Urara Bag

I am getting to discover Ravelry only now coz, earlier when I tried to open it,the computer would freeze and shut down . Not so anymore, i cannot even begin to tell everyone how much i love the place.

I know everyone who has been there has said this , I will join in too , Ravelry Rocks!!!Totally!!

There is so much there.

Even showed how amazing it is to dh and he was totally impressed as well. Never miss a chance to drive home the fact that Crocheter/Knitters have it all good ;)

About this project,I must confess I am disappointed with it, simply because the variegated yarn spoils the beauty of the stitches.I donot want to make it again tho' in a solid colour.

So many other patterns I want to try and so little time!.

Plus the base really got on my nerves.sounds silly? well , doing sc increases is not my cup of tea.


  1. I've come to know about Ravelry through this post of yours....what is it actually? Is it a site where u can get free crochet patterns? I'd like to know.....so that I can join it. Anyways, your bag is just BEAUTIFUL !! You don't have to be disappointed...its awesome !! I loved it.

  2. VJR, Raverly is an online community for knitters/crocheters to keep track of their projects their yarns and needles etc, there are also free patterns there.It helps people check out what their fellow crocheters are working on, find inspiration .You have to sign in to get into it. I am sure you will love it.
    Thanks for the sweet words on the bag :)

  3. Your bag looks chic and eco-friendly... I love the mix of colors in it ;)

    I still cannot get over how wonderful Ravelry is, because it keeps getting better. But one thing I noticed is there is such a small percentage of shared projects and other stuff from crocheters compared to knitters. Have you looked at some knitted projects and see that 1,000plus knitters have made it, and most of all they have pictures!


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