baby squares

I finished up four of these Baby Heart squares and have got bored with the colour.Now I am making the same pattern in a cream colour.

This is not true colour of the yarn, its a little darker than the colour in the picture.

Yarn colour 8193 lot 70496

Schachenmayr notto bravo

Needle 51/2 bamboo needles

Pattern Baby Hearts

I worked a little bit more on the FBB but I have got into some kind of rut.There is a doily, a few bookmarks, a flat angel , a sachet, that need to be blocked for How Long I HAVE NO IDEA .The Quilt needs to be finished and a Birthday coming up too.Then there is the pineapple round table cloth and a hat I started with the start of Summer. So there its all out here I hope I can finish them one by one.Wish me Luck :)


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