Is it four years already!!

About 7.30pm, I was keeping cold press on Dh's head, he was down with high fever and I had been doing the same since the night before.

We were talking about how our life was going to take a new turn and in the course of the conversation, I mentioned to Dh , I felt like I was going into labour.

Dh looked at me like I was some nutcase and said," don't be ridiculous, you have a whole month ahead please for heaven's sake , don't work yourself into one, just to prove your point"!!! (Now I don't know how someone can work themselves into a labour but it shows a lot of understanding on my dh's part, don't you think? :P

I told him, that I have everything ready to take with me to the hospital," Can we just go and check at the hospital".I must have looked very earnest that inspite of his fever and everything, and me not even showing the slightest indication of being in labour, he agreed to take me.

At the hospital,I waited in the ladies waiting room for about an hour before the doc would see me. I could feel the pain by now.

When I saw the doc,I told her, I might be going into labour. Just Like that.I was talking so softly, that she asked me to repeat a few times before she looked at me with the exact same look as my dh and asked me "how many months are you thro" I said 34 weeks. She shook her head and said, How do you know you are in labour, go back.I feel so, I said."no you are not in labour, go back". I asked her if she can please check me once before she sent me out.

She looked at me like I was really mad and but I think was feeling indulgent .So she agreed. She checked me and looked at me ridiculously and asked "How many weeks did you say you are? "34 weeks I repeat," No You are only 32 weeks and yes you are in labour".And you don't feel any pain? "I do , I said, but I can bear it".

She told the kind nurse near by to take me to the labour room.The nurse said "Don't worry, you'll be fine, come I'll walk you to the labour room."Noooo" the Doc screamed , " take her on the stretcher, she might deliver anytime now!!"

As I was taken into the I labour room, I took off all my jewelry and gave them to my hubby who was peeking in thro' a tiny little square with A by his side as men are not allowed inside. He was almost in tears. I smiled at him reassuringly..........

In labour room, the nurse made me lie down on the bed and attached a dozen tubes all over me.And she poked me a zillion times trying to find a vein. My arm was all black before she found a vein. I asked the Nurse there, if I could have a epidural, if the pain got too much. She said "if you take an epidural, your labour is going to take long" So that was out, I decided I 'd rather have a short painful labour than a long tiring one. I wanted to get done with it all and go home and sleep on my bed on my tummy like I always do.

There was a woman on the other room shouting "Rabba Raaba ". As I lay there staring at the ceiling and wondering how long I had to wait I said a quick prayer,"Lord please don't make it long, I am alone and I cannot bear pain"

The nurse asked some details about my medical history.I told her I was asthmatic and the medicines I was allergic to.

Soon I felt the waters break and told the Nurse, she didn't believe, You've got time She said." I can feel it" I insisted and I know I am going to have the baby right now. Coz it happened the same way before too." It doesn't have to be the same every time you know she replied and walked away to get something

And that was exactly when my little baby decided to arrive. I yelled to the nurse, and she came running with a couple of others.A couple of seconds later my baby was born.I looked at the clock it was 11.30 pm

The nurses were busy laughing at how soon I had delivered and commenting how tiny the baby was.

The one nurse who was with me, looked at me and asked me, "do you know what baby it is? I smiled and said Boy. She said ok but he's so tiny and we need to take him now.I nodded and she went off with the baby. Yes he was a Preemie alright but wasn't as tiny as they expected.He weighed 2.25 kgs, and that wasn't so bad. I got to hold him the next day.

The moment they gave him to me. he cooed. and looked at me with a smile in his eyes. ( now don't tell me newborn babies don't do all that; I just know, my baby did :) )

I had several stitches but no traumatic pain. I was walking around in about an hour and managed to stay at the hospital alone while my mom and dad frantically rushed back in India, to book the tickets to the next flight to Kuwait. A came to the hospital and was overjoyed to see little M.Dh just stood there grining at all three of us.

It was all so different from my first delivery but it didnot seem to matter at all coz I was just feeling so content to realise that this baby now completed our Family.

Happy Birthday my little Sunshine and thunderstorm.


  1. Happy birthday to your little boy! What a story.
    Many years ago, I was a teenager when my aunt (about 9 months pregnant who was alone at her home; her husband on a business trip) called and said she was uneasy and could I come spend the night. I had an exam the next day but a little voice inside me said "go, go, go". Once there, she said that she was completely OK and we could go have dinner at our favorite little restaurant. Again the voice inside me said, "We will go, but only after we make a stop at the hospital". Despite her protests, we went to the hospital in a rickety auto-rickshaw. It was Sunday night, the lone nurse took one look at her and said, hop into bed, the baby is coming in a couple of hours.
    I signed some consent forms :) (I was not even of legal age) and her baby girl came! These baby stories...sorry I am boring you with this one :D

  2. Happy birthday to your son! Isn't it amazing how you can close your eyes and be right back to that day? It amazes me whenever I think about it-right down to the smallest details.

  3. Well-written story, Pearlin. Happy birthday to your boy!
    Isn't it good to hear about other's experiences and to know that ours is similar, and yet each experience is very unique?
    I don't like remembering that anticipated day at the hospital...I don't like all the procedures they do and hate it that husbands and loved ones have to be at a distance - its so unnatural.

  4. OMG.....that was an amazing story Pearlin...Happy birthday to your little boy

  5. CONGRATULATIONS !!! Anaother lovely addition to your family. I'll call you right away. And what a story- Thank God you stick to your instincts!

  6. Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes

    Nupur, I am a sucker for baby stories, bring them all on ;)

    Deneen ,I am amazed too how it plays like a movie in my mind's eye.

    Mimi, I hate it too that they donot allow loved ones to be with you.And the funny thing was the doc who stitched me up later was a male gync..... go figure.

    Nima thanks :) was wonderful talking to you after a looooong time :D

  7. HI Pearlin,

    What an incredible birth story.. truly, it moved me..Good u stuck to ure instincts and went to the hospital..Happy Birthday to little M!Have a lovely time


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