Mimi's Matrix Bag

This is a ROAK project. What is that!, you wonder?

The pattern is a ROAK from Mimi, the Bernat Matrix like yarn is a ROAK from Shelle, the fringe yarn is a ROAK from Swapna. So you see, this project is a ROAK project :)

I've had this bag in the to-do list ever since Mimi sent me a copy of the pattern , as usual too many projects distracting the scatterbrained me!

For the bottom I used Catania yarn then the same old story of the yarn getting over before the project gets over happened ,hence the upper edging is also in Catania yarn and fringe yarn turned into drawstrings :)

One might think that the drawstring with fringe yarn would be difficult to open and close the bag, not so at all. Not as smooth but not difficult either.

I thought that the fringe yarn pullstrings would add to the dressy quotient of the bag.

What do you think?

Isn't it a happy coincidence that the fringe yarn and the matrix yarn match perfectly?? !!

Project Details :

Yarn : Schachenmayr Nomotto Catania colour 0111 lot 4357 (100% cotton)

IROSS powerful yarns colour way 4 dyelot 104 (100% nylon)

Cherry Tree Hill Fringe Moody Blues lot 1130(100% nylon )

Hook: G hook

Pattern: Matrix Purse

Btw, have you guys noticed, that I tend to use the same colours over a period of time and then switch on to another colour.I just noticed it. Funny huh?!

I' m knitting somemore,nothing extraordinary, just basic squares for a baby blanket with this pattern.

My cousin sister who is like my real sister ( I have three such sisters) is expecting her second baby . YAY!!! :D


  1. Oh good! I'm glad you found a good use for the yarn :)

  2. Very practical bag - lovely yarns, and you have a lot of people to remember it by :) You can also put in it some of your yarn stash ;)
    Your blue projects are looking good!

  3. Hmm...I like that ROAK bag! Are you going to ROAK it too to make the circle complete? Just wondering ..lol !
    But seriuosly , the bag is very cute. Another of Mimi'd lovely designs. I like your idea of using fringe yarn - makes it dressy.

  4. It looks very classy..nice work..keep it up

  5. Hey,

    Nice blog pearlin beautiful pattern .Is this pattern free on website..

  6. I'm visiting your blog after very long time.....good to see it lively with your beautiful works...

  7. Thanks Swapna I still have some left and I'm planning to make a purse for my neice. The fringe is so soft .

    Thanks Mimi, your pattern is sooo good that I throughly enjoyed myself making this purse.

    Yasmin, actually the thought did cross my mind but I am not decided yet :) I love Mimi's no nonsense style of writing patterns. Thanks.

    Thanks Reena

    Hi Seema, great to see you here. I have the link to the pattern in the project details, its not free.

    Hi Nima its wonderful to see you after a loooooong break.Hope you are all settled now. Thanks :)


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