We really could form a drama troupe

While the children went down to play yesterday, my neighbour invited me over to her home to look at her new interiors all created by her.So I went planning to come back in half an hour. At her place , I admired her clever use of space all over the home and her taste, chatted a bit. Fifteen minutes into the visit.

Doorbell*Ding Dong*

'No one visits me who could it be" 'wondered' the hostess aloud and went to open the door.

Who do you think it was? My imps ,of course with the building security in tow.

The moment M saw me ,Big howl with even bigger tears.A looked flabbergasted .

Whats the matter I asked.

"Oh nothing madam, your children were searching for you all over the building and came to inform me that you were... err ...missing!!"

So we rang the bell to your apartment , tried calling you on the land line phone.No response.So we thought we would look next door and here you are.

and he added with a smile M was crying and telling everyone who would listen that you probably went to India without taking him......"

....... again a the earth would open up and swallow me moment. I thanked the Resident security(RS) and sent him on his way, smiled sheepishly at my hostess and for courtesy's sake stayed a few mins more.

M proceeded to pull a face and sulk the rest of the five mins we stayed at the friends' place.

Came back home, dh came just as we were opening the door. Right there at the corridor,M let out another howl and complained that mom disappeared somewhere without letting him know.More tears.A sagely narrated how they approached the RS and commissioned him to find their lost mother.

Dh smiled and winked at me secretly ,while nodding his head gravely, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation to A and M.

Now this is not the first time it happened _A when he was M's age, once brought the whole workshop mechanics next door_ ready to break my door ,coz mom did not open the door the moment he rang the door bell . How is mom to tell those guys that she was just taking a min in the loo....???

Anyways, I am hiding in my bedroom for the next couple of days for the whole building now knows how A & M 's mother attempted to run away leaving behind her pesky little monsters and failed .


  1. Lol ! Thanks for great laugh ! Kid are so amazing and adorable!

  2. That is so funny! They are quite quick to sense trouble and do something about it :)

  3. LOL.... Kids are Kids....


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