We had a glorious weekend .

Watched a couple of funny movies alone.

Played TT (Table Tennis) with dh till our legs refused to move anymore, while the children splashed around in the pool.

Cooked up a feast that I promptly christened Friday Feast . I made Sambar, carrot/ cabbage poriyal,Chicken Chukka and Chicken 65, appalam, and paal payasam.Everyone just pounced on the food soon as it was lunch time,hence no pictures of the food.I plan to repeat the same next Friday too,I must remember to take a picture,

Had a lovely very relaxing nap in the afternoon.

Hubby and the boys went to A's music lessons in the evening, I decided to stay at home and finish the Quilt as you go quilt for M before his birthday.

All I did was switch on the computer plug, POP went the fuse.

Now the electricity and I have a relationship that even if I live in a country where power outrages are unheard of, it fails- in the neighbourhood I live in or building I live in and if nothing else, atleast in the flat I live in.

As things need to happen to me, the power failed only in my flat. Much of the evening was spent alone ,with no AC in the dark till the Resident Security could fix up the fuse.

I read the Encyclopedia of Quilting Cover to Cover twice while sunlight was still there.After it got dark, I just watched the world go by from my balcony till the guys came back .Guess what, the Power came back as they walked in through the door! :D

Oh wait !!we are not done yet.The next day, the whole neighbourhood had a power failure the entire day, which dh swears is thanks to Jonah Me :)

Anyways, we decided to go out and drive around ,ate burgers in the car and by the time we decided to come back,thankfully the Power was restored .

Alternate power sources supplying power to the substation in our neighbourhood.


  1. Beautiful squares. I am sure the combination of both colors would make a lovely afghan.

  2. Maybe power failures aren't going to be rare anymore :p
    Cute square! I wouldn't have the patience to knit one...

  3. The baby heart square is really cute...cream will go nice with that!

  4. It sure your grey blocks will match with cream... The pattern is so cute... if its a free pattern i would like to have the link... and also the recepie for "Chicken 65" :-)

  5. That friday feast sounds so delicious...yum! And you are getting really good at knitting. I like that square , very pretty and you have done a very neat and good job of it. Just like you, whatever you do , you do it so well. Great job !

  6. Hey I too have been crocheting hearts lately. You've made a cute square. Loved it.....and yes.....chicken 65 is my fave.

  7. Thanks Rima, Shweta Yasmin and VJR

    Mimi, hehe true abt the power cuts. I am losing patience too !

    Hi Lucy , great to see you back :) thanks

    Iaminchennai, the pattern is free and I have linked it .Will edit and highlight it. Recipe for chicken 65 follows :)

  8. [...] these squares?. Well ,they are all  stitched together and is  now a  blanket. Only this blanket is not going to [...]


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