All coming back to me!!!

My grandma was a wonderful story teller . She was soooooooo so talented .Everyday ,after dinner ,was story time for the four of us( my brother and I and my two cousins).We would sit around her cot on our little bamboo chairs/wooden chairs in that dimly lit room and listen with rapt attention. We 'd cried , laughed and cheered with Ben Hur, travelled with Ulysues, felt that triumph when he poked Cyclope in the eye and escaped,fought the Trojan war........ and wondered what the fuss was about Helen's beauty! , She got us so engrossed in the stories she told .

Mom's a great story teller too.......hers are mostly childhood adventures ........ she was a brother and I never got tired of hearing those adventures she and her brothers had ,neither did she get tired of telling us.Coming from such a legacy , one would think I were a great story teller too. I 've told A many stories as I patted him to sleep on my arm but I am not a story teller by any means.I like to listen than tell stories :)

By the time, M came around, I had no patience to tell stories, I have this one story that my dad tricked us with as kids; we got to choose the animal in the story we wanted.......Lion ,Tiger, Elephant.....even penguin and polar bears..... only the animals changed not the story :) ......the story went like this...the chosen animal for the day went hunting for food .........hunted , ate the food , and went to the time the story ended dad would be snoring.My brother and I lying down on either side of his arm had no choice but sleep lulled by the snores :) Thats the reason I can still sleep through any noise !

Now that I cannot remember any other story but this,I tell the same story to M ... a slightly modified version .........the peacock or whichever animal chosen for the day goes for a looooooong walk, feels sleepy and comes back home and yesterday it was a crocodile..... I could hardly keep my eyes open and so in my half sleep droned, a crocodile went for a walk.........

M : Mumma the crocodile is not feeling sleepy.....

Me:No it is

M: No it is not

Me Ok so what was the crocodile doing? you tell me the story

M.......there was a crocodile that went shopping

Me : where?!

M : to Barakat ( the yarn store) ;)

Me: ( still half sleepy)oh what is the crocodile doing there?!

M: you  don't know?,  what else but smiling and jumping and running from one yarn box to another , taking all the yarns from there and stuffing into the shopping bag :-?

I must admit I was pretty embarrassed by the picture that came into my mind as he told me_ a green crocodile running clumsily on two feet with its tail moving side to side.... all this after being on a yarn diet for months now!!!

Dh hearing this ,was roaring and rofl saying "see thats exactly what you do at the yarn store" ....all sleep was gone by now coz I had to get up , throw that pillow at him and shut him down,

who knew a simple harmless story would come back to bite me like this ?! :oops:


  1. Reading this has brought back memories that I had long forgotten. Even my mom used to say the same story changing the animals everyday. The story was the same... something about the animals in the jungle going to school. I don't much remember it. But thanks for bringing back these memories of mine. :)

  2. ooo I thought we were the only kids in the whole world who thought we got a new story everyday :D

  3. I do the same with my little fella. And I thought I was the smart one to come up with this idea!
    I think you are a very good story teller. I love reading your posts about everyday life and stuff.You write beautifully. I think your grandma and mom's story telling knack has passed on to you as well.


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