Birthday celebrations and Parties

Things are so hectic around here, we had a wonderful birthday party for M's fourth b'day with about ten kids_ all playmates in the building , fun


with yummy food

and simple party games.

With that over, we had a couple of parties that left me wanting to stay in bed for the next couple of weeks.

I am sooooo not a people person and I'd rather spend the days by myself than spend time in the company of people I meet once in a blue moon .Before you get the idea of a snob, I must clarify that I am a big zero in the small talk dept.Just incapable of talking for the sake of it . so shoot me.

I sometimes envy my dh who can just walk up to anyone and think of something to say and keep the conversation going.

Me ,on the other hand ,never know what to say , all I can manage is a smile and a hello.It takes ages before I can have a decent conversation. Sometimes the other person turns out to be extremely friendly and can keep the conversation going then I have no problem at all. Anyways, I had a pretty traumatic, no really it was traumatic trying to think what I did and said ,did I say the right thing do the right thing: trying to be nice friendly and trying so hard to keep off the dreaded brand name people like me are tagged with, that I did not feel like blogging at all.

Then the very talented Mimi sent me some of her lovely patterns that I am working on now. I adore her patterns. Very cute. I've made her patterns before and enjoy working on them very much coz they are so easy to follow .Thanks sooooooo much Mimi, You are soooooooo generous :D

Did I tell y'all that I've recently caught the home decor bug, and these are the latest .

I made these for my Sil to complete a set of kitchen stuff I 've made for her.

Yarn: Sugar and Cream Aqua ( from a cone)

Hook:H hook

Pattern :Crochet Coasters


  1. I'm glad you shared that about you Pearlin - I'm a lot like that too. I used to agonize over going to parties - what to say, how to go about a conversation...esp. trying hard not to be awkward. Anyways, it isn't so hard now that I'm much older...

  2. When I read this post of yours, it was as if I'm reading about myself. Believe me, I am just like you.... I like to be by myself rather than communicating with people. I'm happy to find a person so much like me.

  3. Mimi, its good to know it gets better as one gets older

    VJR its good to know that I am not the only one who feels this way!

  4. Happy belated birthday little M:)


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