Kimberly's Weaved Hotpad

Kimberly's crazy dishcloth has been on my to do list for a long time now, but I think I need someone to show me how its done or have symbols to follow it(*hint hint* ) . its such a pretty pattern that I want want want to make it . Upset that I could not get it right, looked around and chanced at another pattern of hers at Ravelry .

The weaved hotpad.It s so simple and the effect so funky, I completed two hotpads at one go :)

Here are two versions I tried.

One is a variegated and solid colour combo.

Yarn : Carania colour 100% cotton colour

brown variegated 0012 lot 3840221 and brown 0157-026

Hook: G hook

Pattern: Weaved Hotpad

I wanted to try a three colour combo, two solids and one varigated.

Yarn: Catania100% cotton

magenta 0023 -6552; coral 0131-3724704 ; coral pink variegated 0035-228

dh says he likes the brown one better than the coral one. I agree the brown one looks better but I think the coral colour suits the table cloth better.

trying to match up different colours was fun and the options seem numerous.

Just like Kimberly suggested , I left long threads to weave in and that really did help in keeping the pieces from shifting.


  1. OMG !! They are just looooovely !! I loved the brown one too. What is the hook size? You've said its G but we don't get such hooks here.... could u tell its size in milli meters?

  2. OMG....that is too good.....

  3. Very nice-I haven't tried that Crazy Dishcloth either, intimidating to me.

  4. Hi Purlycues,

    There is a surprise for you in my blog.... do check it out without forgetting !

  5. Really cute. I like them both but the brown is really too cute. And yes...hint taken. We begin on saturday the 30th . If that is ok with you.

  6. Hey that's a pretty one where did you find the pattern.....

  7. Thanks Seema, the pattern is up there in the project details. :)


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