A blast from the past

I was reorganising my craft stuff and look what I found!!!!

I painted this  when I was expecting A ,on a  saree palu (acrylic on chiffon).I had one of those ,' Did I really paint this?' moments looking at it now. I never wore the saree though.

Another one I had painted on a kameez. I cut out just the painting as a keepsake.

I am sure there was one more flower painting I did on another saree palu . Couldn't find it .Will have to dig further in I guess :) Will update it here if I find it.

I am tempted to paint these again using Oil on Canvas.........Looking at these reminds me of about ten more paintings I did back at the same time on different surfaces all with acrylic paints.I wonder if they are still at my mom's place where i left them.


  1. Yeah this happens with me all the time. I made several crafts in childhood .... now I only have some fade images to it in my memory.

  2. Beautiful!!
    So u r a painter too!!!

  3. Those are lovely, Pearlin! I tried painting with acrylic but never made anything as big or as detailed...
    Couldn't you use the fabric as a window trim?

  4. I love the orange flowers... if you no longer use the saree, just cut it and frame the flowers...

  5. Aww thanks ladies, you are all so kind!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous.


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