When I was away.........

We celebrated a birthday

Got a new addition to the family.........say Hi to Rookie everyone

Discovered A has a green green thumb unlike his brown thumbed mom.That s a Mango sapling, we also have papaya and these plants need a big round of applause coz they 've survived the summer heat.

M discovered he could still have fun inside the home, by drawing pics on the glass, when he couldn't go out to play in the humidity

and I made a bunch of these

for A and M  to take for their teachers on teacher's day . Usually A takes a handmade card for his teachers, but this year, he wanted to take these bookmarks.If A was doing it, then M had to do it too.

A later told me ,that he was the only one who took something for his teachers and noone else even brought a card. I was totally embarrassed wondering if the teachers thought I was brownnosing.

Finally  this

was what really  kept me away for so long . Brown is taboo for  a baby blanket? I like this combo more than  the cream . What do you all think?

Oh , I had a  strep throat and there was  a  huge fire  in hubby's workplace,( thankfully only loss of equipments) in between.


  1. Pearlin...good to see you back with lots of happenings....

    Belated bday wishes to your little boy....

    The birdie is too cute.....

    The blanket combination is good for a change......bookmark colours are superb...

    Is it still humid in Kuwait....Muscat is better these days....any time better than Dubai

  2. Hey Raquel,

    This is Smruti. I have been reading ur blog since this morning and I loved reading it. I do most of the crafts but just started with knitting a few days back and some day will start crocheting. Your blog has really inspired me to junp into crocheting. To see my crafts visit http://wrapnbow.blogspot.com/

    One thing I wanted to ask is what are doilies used for. I dont know if this is a dumb question, but I really want to know its usage.


  3. Good to have you back.
    The birdie is tooooo cute!!! Can you please send it to me? :)
    The bookmarks are looking very beautiful. How much time do u take to make one bookmark? Was just wondering.

  4. Thanks Nima. :)
    Yes its still humid here.

    Hi Smruti, welcome and thanks for the very sweet words. No question is a dumb question here :)
    Doilies are usually placed under a vase or bowl over a glass or wood surface to prevent scratching/ sliding. Some can be framed or as backrests for chairs or used even in greeting cards , .Most often they are just displayed on tables, coffee tables, as decorative pieces. Hope that helps :)

    Thanks VJR. I made all those in abt an hour. Didnot check how much time I took to make every single one .These were pretty quick to make since I 'd made this pattern before. Its a quick fix for instant gratification :)

  5. Happy 10th birthday to A! Love the cake ;)
    Cute chick!
    I also like the color combination of the blanket, Pearlin. It just depends on the color of the room and other stuff...
    I think its a very nice token (the fan bookmarks) to give teachers on teachers day. Too bad the other moms missed the chance to show their appreciation.

  6. Hi - My first time here. I love the book marks! so cool!! & I love blanket too!

  7. Wishing a belated Happy Birthday to A. Hes 10 already ? Wow, time flies!
    The chick is a cutie- Hi Rookie! Welcome.
    Window art! That kid has a creative gene ,I tell you. Must from mommie dearest :)
    Most of my poor plants gave in to the intense summer heat . Out here in Al ain , it's dry heat the poor plants just brown up in a single day of hot blowing wind.
    Baby blanket combo is unusual but very nice. Who is the lucky one getting this blankie?

  8. Happy Belated Birthday A:) Pearlin, great post with all the pictures and it looks like you've been crafting up a storm. I really love the bookmarks which I'm sure the teachers will treasure.

    Hope you're surviving the remnants of the humidity and heat, can't wait for cooler days!!!

    BTW, brown on the baby blanket is not taboo at all, makes it look sophisticated, lovely contrast!

  9. Hi Shillu
    Welcome.Thanks .You have some lovely Jhumikis on your blog too!

    Yasmin , I get all teary these days thinking how my baby is already ten years......Thanks for the wishes girl.

    Thanks Preeti, same here can't wait for cooler days either.


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