Rain Rain

It has been raining,......... raining as in slight drizzle   with exactly one thunder and lightening flash - me :P

" thunder and lightening and its raining Yay!!! I am going to collect rain water!!" that was from A

"Mumma its thundering, and lightening ...... Dinosaurs are gonna come, Mumma I don't want to live in this country, I want to go to India, call Dada. call the police, please eat me so I can live in your stomach......oh my god what am I going to do ,the dinosaurs will be here any minute! "this was M in a  high pitched wail accompanied with big tears rolling down his soft chubby cheeks .

I wonder where he gets that  imagination from, dh and my mom think , the apple didn't fall  far from the tree!!!


  1. How cute the little ones are...

    Hai...you got rain in Kuwait...that is amazing...

  2. Nima ,the poor creatures have no idea what real rain is !!! thats the reason for all this drama ! ;)

  3. Please, pretty please, send some rain our way!!!! If you can manage thunder and lightning that would be great too!!!

    Love what the kids had to say about rain, they're the best!!!

  4. Preeti , it lasted all of one minute, nothing like what we have during monsoon in India.
    my kids keep me very entertained I admit to that :D


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