Trinket Bowl and pahdy tyme!

Dh always has trouble finding his things while getting ready for work,

so I thought this trinket bowl might help  as a 'catch all '

It seems to be working for the time being :P

Project Details:

Yarn:Soft Tweed yarn

Hook: I hook

Pattern: Free Ravelry download

With Diwali  just around the corner, we decided to have a family gettogether in our building this week.Everyone brought in a dish, Yummmmmmmmmy!

Even the Black forest cake was homemade!

there was music and games .

Pure Unadulerated fun !!!


  1. wow...great idea... I got a great idea to make one in jute fibre.

    i'm sure that bowl will help him to catch things in the morning provided if 'you' keep his things in the bowl the night before....
    That is what is happening here. In the begining i was behind him telling to put his things in the basket. Now i stopped telling him....i put his things in that and he is happy in the morning. Now i'll replace that old basket with a
    crochet one.

    Happy Diwali....Have a nice day

  2. What a brilliant idea a trinket box/basket like this would look so much better than the pile-o-stuff we have scattered by our front door.

    Looks like you had a great party and the food looks delish!!

  3. That is really a great idea... a crocheted basket! I think I'm going to make it.

  4. I love the trinket box...
    family get together looks like loads of fun

  5. thanks Nima,good idea. will save a lot of nerves in the morning rush !!!

    Thanks Preeti :)

    thanks Vjr , I think I will make more too !
    Thanks Shillu, yea the party was fun.


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