Bliss is.......

Inhaling the scent of the freshly wet soil

Watching rain drops fall softly on the ground

feasting the eyes on the new hue of green , the plants and trees take on

Sipping hot ginger tea, with crisp spicy bhajis to bite into

Crocheting a quick working scarf and watching the world go by.......

thanking the heavens above , for being able to stay inside the warmth of the home, than being out there getting wet in the rain :P


  1. "Sipping hot ginger tea, with crisp spicy bhajis to bite into"

    I am so jealous of you! I love the smell of rain on dry earth! heavenly!

    its going to snow here this weekend :(

  2. Me too jealous of you. No rains here yet. Temp is good, not cold....I love the smell of rain...Heard that, here rains are only during jan - feb.

  3. much do u quote (with discount!!..that for these beautiful things u come up winter is one fav time for u, to wrap up urself n ur family with all the knitted blankets n scrafs, exclusively hand made!!..lucky kids!!! .hey, why dont u give a make over for u u mentioned in one post earlier, ur home is everything except lace n frills..y dont u give a a cutain with croq-stuff appliqued to a sofa back...table cover...table mats....make ur home exclusively home made -designer style!!..tell me..what do u do with all these croq goods one done.??.. tell me if u are putting up a sale or exibition or something of that sort okie...i will be right in front..and in case,u do have a good collection still in hand..well..lets see and in case u are willing to give it off..i can ask our commitee members if we need to some thing , ,ike organise a venue where u can display ur goodies and if some one is interested in purchasing it, then they can very well go 4 it...only if u are willing to give away/sell ur dear handmade stuff...okie...what do u say..

  4. I wish it would rain here then I would be...singin' in the rain!!! Enjoy the downpour and please send some raindrops my way!!!

  5. Bhajias! I want some! Hot chai and some of My day would be made.

  6. Thanks Mimi :)

    Shillu , aren't bhajis and tea the rain time staples? Have never seen snow, so would love to see it.

    Sona I usually give away everything I make as gifts to family.They kind of expect them these days
    Well, my work is scattered around the house so ....that makes up for the laces and frills ! :D
    As for selling and exhibiting my work I havn't thought along those lines at all .So sweet of you to offer to find venues for me.Will surely let you know if I decide to sell!

    Nima, thats all the rain we had!! no more rain in the forecast too.

    Preeti I love the rains as long as I am not getting wet init. Did send some your way, did you get them yet?!!! :)

    Rima , you are welcome any day to come over!


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