Scarf Frenzy

The weather is soooooo good these days and all I can think of is making scarves. This year, I've decided to give handmade gifts to all my neices for Christmas. I hope they like it.  I 'm having so much fun, picking out patterns and making them. I'm using all the yarns from stash.

I made four of these scarves for my neices who live in  countries where they have a real winter with snow !

Project Details:

Yarn:Caron One pound Skein  160z 100% Acrylic WW, No dye lot Lilac577

Hook: K hook

Pattern : Shelly Scarf

Tidbits :

  • Made three scarves with the one pound skein, I still have a medium sized ball left.

  • The Burgandy scarf in the background is also made of the same pattern but with a yarn that is quite rough . I assume it is Red Heart Super Saver .  Not sure tho' as it didnot have a wrapper when it came in the ROAK

  • Left out the fringes as I was lazy about cutting up yarn in the same length 

  • Really quick and fun project , however after making four of these , I will not be making this  pattern for  a while  now :)

  • I may work on the matching hat with the left over yarn.But then ,I need to figure out whom to give it to! I am no way making four hats from the same pattern as well!The monotony of repeating the same pattern is just too much for me to bear.

psssssst , more of the scarf frenzy to follow so don't tell me , I didn't warn you all  ;)


  1. When you said handmade gifts, I immediately got sidetracked and listed all the possible projects I could still do for my family, I always get caught up on the last minute :p
    Hats and scarves would surely be appreciated for the cold weather :)

  2. I almost missed seeing the Burgandy scarf! they look great, looking forward to seeing the matching hats :)

  3. wow...lilac scarf looks pretty. I just missed the burgundy one...great job

  4. Lovely scarf Pearly....

    sorry if am asking too much..but, do you mind doing me a quilt , if i give you the fabric??

    i have got few stacks of curtain / fabric samplers that are displayed in fabric shops..mostly the rich arabic types u see in kuwaiti homes...

    just have been keeping it for long...never know when things come up for use...thats when i thought why not a quilt from these??

    u can quote for it, for sure....


  5. I really like the burgundy scarf and your neices are going to love their scarves!! Can't wait to see the rest of the scarf collection as you work on them. I agree, scarf weather is almost here even in the Sandlands, yayyyyy!!!

  6. Great scarf...I've been in the mood for those too!! Must be the temps falling.

  7. thank you ladies, I really hope my neices like it.
    Sona, you are over rating my quilting skills!!!Lets try and work something after I learn to stitch in a straight line :)


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