As we wave

the year 2008 goodbye....... here's my final FO for the year.

Remember these squares?. Well ,they are all stitched together and is now a blanket. Only this blanket is not going to the one it was intended for. M now gets it.

The colour is true in these pictures.

Project details

Needles: 51/2 bamboo straights

Hook : H

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Bravo 100% acrylic

Teal- colour 8193 lot 70496

Brown-colour 8281 lot 81387

I used four skeins of each colour.


  • I used the flat braid method of joining for first time and did not do a very good job as I was on my own intially

  • then I found this link

  • and this video

  • by the time I found them , I had finished joining two rows and was too lazy to frog and redo it.

  • I was doing fine on the sides but getting a nice finish in between squares were a problem and this link has a solution to that.

  • All this I will use next time coz I just wanted to get done with it by the end of the project .

Just so this one doesn't fade down memorylane........

M to me , watching two sumo wrestlers in combat," Mumma, why are these aunties saying I love you to each other and pinching each other's bums?" reminisces like these should keep the girlfriends away, when they start coming ,right? :P Alright I am evil! I know!


  1. Beautiful combination of colors. Happy New Year to you and your family

  2. Wish you and your family a wonderful and happy New Year!

  3. That blankie looks so sophisticated and I'm sure M loves cuddling with it:) Happy New Year:):)

  4. wow...that is looking fabulous. I remember the squares pearlin...It looks verydifferent ehrn you used white arn to attach it.

  5. You know that's a great color combo!!!

  6. Thanks Shillu.Wish you and your family the same too :)

  7. Thank you Kimberly Wish you and your family the same :)

  8. Thank you Preeti. M loves it and carries it with him all the time.
    Happy New year to you too :)


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