Feather and Fan scarf

My one big goal  when I started to knit was to make lace . The reason I never even attempted was ,first I did not know how to read knit patterns properly and next, I kept losing count.  The Feather and Fan  pattern had always been a favourite but I was too chicken to try . I didnot even know that it was  called so.Then  I came across this pattern, it just read knit , purl and yo. Now I knew, how to make those stitches! Tried working on some ordinary scrap yarn before I went on to make it in this yarn.

Project Details:

Pattern Traci Knits Feather and Fan Scarf

Yar: Knit picks Decadence 100% Superfine Alpaca Winter Berry  Colour # 6414  Lot # 9565 (2 skeins)

Lot# 3055 ( 1 Skein)

Needles : US #6 straights


  • this is the first time I worked with two different lot numbers and found there was no difference at all in  this particular colour.

  • One was a gift from my brother and the other was from my  rescue Secret Pal

  • the yarn is just so luxurious and soft, and was a dream to work with. I love how warm it is.

  • this one is for me too. :)

  • The colour is not true in both the pictures. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get it right.

A close up

Seeing some of   my crocheted stuff , my neighbours  want to learn to crochet too.How exciting!!!.The first step would be for me to teach them and take it from there.I'm  excited as I'm now comfortable with them.I hope the interest will remain for a long time. Maybe form a crochet group ......one can dream rt?


  1. Congratulations! It's amazing and not like a first project at all!

  2. Hi! You've done very nice work over here... :-) I had been away for a very loooong time (had gone for my elder sister's wedding.... OH!!! HOW I MISS HER!!!!).
    I really missed reading all my fave blogs. I haven't even crocheted all these days. Now I am back to making doilies... and the routine.

  3. This is gorgeous!!! I wish you could teach me to knit tooo...am very knitting challenged- I tried watching some tutorials on Youtube- they didn't help at all :( I don't how to "read" knitting patterns either...sigh..
    But I'm definitely returning to your blog!!

  4. That scarf is lovely. Feather and fan always makes knitting look gorgeous (proof is the Hemlock Ring Blanket by brooklyntweed). Great job on the scarf and have fun with your new crochet buddies!!

  5. The scarves are gorgeous! Fan and feather is such a great pattern, easy to make but looks impressive.
    Good to know you are spreading the crochet addiction around :)

  6. I love the patterns & colors! very beautiful.

  7. Thanks Swapna and Anjali.

    VJR, I thought you got tired of reading my blog ;) Great to have you back :)

    deepfriedbheja welcome :) Have you tried www.knittinghelp.com ? Do come back :)

    Thanks Preeti :) I love this pattern and can't believe how easy it is.

    Hey Nupur thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope the crochet addiction will stay on :)

    thanks Shillu

  8. This is so beautiful. I have to work on this sometime. Awesome work...


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