While we are talking about gifts......

let me show you some of the  gifts I made

the Hot Pink  Bracelet Purse , only mine is Varigated blue.

Project Details:

Pattern : Hot Pink Bracelet Purse

Yarn : Aqua Sugar and Cream Cone ;

Bernat Handicrafter cotton Ultra soft colour 23213 dye lot 127441

Shaded Denim Ombre

Hook :G hook for both the purses.

For  these pouches ,I just combined a few of my favourite aspects in a purse to make up this pattern.

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotto Catania Colour, Colour 0026 lot 228

Hook: 3.5 mm Inox hook

A few scrunchies


I'm sure you recognise these yarns. Yup the same ones I used earlier for a scarf which Jaishree sent me .I think it is eyelash yarn.

blue is the fringe yarn Swapna sent me.

Cherry Hill Yarn Moody Blues

Hook:G hook


  • the shaded aqua  from the sugar cream cone is one,you must have seen me use loads of times,  this was the last of the cone.  I did make a lot of stuff with that one cone of yarn.

  • I am glad I got to use till the last scrap of yarn :)

  • These  for giving away for the little girls in the family.

  • I am filling them with little trinkets . I think the girls will enjoy them.

  • For the scrunchies , I used two elastic bands so that they will not break easily.

scheduled these  posts  , so you guys won't miss me too much  while I am on vacation :P


  1. That's nifty - scheduling posts!!! I should try that next time I know that I'm going to be lost from blogland for a while. Love the cute pouches and I'm sure that these gifts were enjoyed:)

  2. yea I love this feature. Had no idea that these are the *IN* accessories among tweens and teens back in our place. Now I am the "coolest aunt" who knows whats in and what out ( if only they knew how clueless I truly am!!!!....... shhhhh) :D


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