A big surprise

I got a big surprise in the mail, while I was in India.Just as we were leaving home for Kuwait, my mom said," oh ,you got a package I forgot to give you!" So off it went into the baggage.I didnot even see  the from address.However I was dying of curiosity  wondering who sent me.

And when we came here, the first thing I did was fish out the package and see who it was from! None other than Swapna ! Look what she sent me!!!

A whole bunch of pattern leaflets,three books , I've been longing for good books to read for a long time and a gorgeous gorgeous doily that just took my breath away and a very warm note .

Thanks  Swapna. :D I feel so honored to own that doily.

Receiving surprise gifts just makes me totally speechless.....Like it happened today as well.

Being my birthday, three of my building friends,bless their generous hearts, got together and made three different kinds of breakfast for me  complete with a sweet dish!

With M being quite sick and me turned into a zombie ,as a result of several sleepless nights, I had no plans at all for any  kind of celebration on my mind. When they came early in the morning today and started singing happy birthday  as I opened the door,I was completely speechless and on the verge of tears!!! And I thought no one would know!.

Truly I feel blessed   !


  1. Oh how thoughtful...and beautiful! Love the yellow~

  2. Happy Birthday dear friend! Glad that your day was made extra special by those around you. The package from Swapna is wonderful and that doily is just so gorgeous, spelling SUNSHINE:) It`s often through totally unexpected actions like these from friends that we come to love life more. Have a great year ahead and I wish you many more special birthdays.

    I hope that M will soon be on the mend.


  3. The doily looks so pretty on the brown table :)
    How wonderful to have thoughtful friends and such surprises on your birthday!

  4. onhooksandneedles20 January 2009 at 03:41

    wow what a wonderful surprise package...I cannot think of anyone more deserving

  5. Happy B'Day..
    Thats a lovely surprise and a nice gift. Swapna is a surpriser :-) The books by Debbie are a good read, if i remember correctly one of the book has a pattern also....
    Enjoy the time..

  6. It makes me so happy to see the doily in a lovely place, with enough space to show the design properly!
    Sorry I missed wishing you for your birthday :( Hugs and hope the kid gets better soon.

  7. Such a beautiful present, hard work too. Lucky to receive it, enjoy! :))

  8. Happy belated b'day......


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