Maharba Kuwait

When I first came here to Kuwait, it was the first time I had ever traveled out of India and boy was it different from my country!.
Some things that made me stop and stare  with eyes and mouth wide open
  • Beauty Parlours/Saloons every little nook and cranny
  • Fancy cars galore
  • Biker stunts on the roads
  • cars squished like bugs on the side of the road
  • Shopping carts delivery to the car
  • Eye make up
  • Petrol cheaper than water (*shock* seeing young boys wash their bottles with petrol( yes that happened!)
  • Girls in uber fashionable clothes ( read Dior, Gucci etc ) even in ordinary stores (yea the villager in me pops out often :p ) and ladies in long flowy abayas walking side by side on the roads
  • Shopping as a hobby/entertainment...........moms shop while the kids entertain themselves under nannies care
  • Complete strangers offering gifts of money and sweets to the kids and being offended at being refused .
Now these don't make me gape anymore, guess I've got used to this place......or so I like to think!
However I still find a lot of other things amaze me and I want to record those here with the pictures I take of things that catch my fancy.
Most of the pictures are taken as we ZOOOOOOOOOOM past the objects of interest.......... my dh's feet instictivly hit the accelerator harder, as I take out the camera to shoot......mostly because someone once told us , that taking pictures in Kuwait is illegal :???:

So planning on posting some pictures and jot down little things ,that I want to look back and remember about Kuwait, when I move away from here.


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