A long catching up post

I did not realize it has been weeks since I posted here last!  Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the sweet comments :)

The past few weeks have been crazy. The entire household was under the weather; each one taking double turns at getting sick! I missed the the first Yarn group meeting here as a result.Big bummer as I was so excited about attending it ,ever since I heard about it.Luckily I got better just in time for my twelfth wedding anniversary. I hope we are done  with sick bugs for the year!

Felt kind of funny, when I recollected how  when I got married I asked my mom , if she’d take me back, in about six months cuz I thought I could never put up with any guy for more than six months!Like always we celebrated it with all the fun stuff_ flowers , dinner date and lots of gifts :D

I haven’t crocheted or knitted anything in a while now. The only project I 've finished is Daphne’s Red Hot Sling Bag. Pictures will follow soon.

I've been dying to knit something to wear.I chanced upon this pattern on ravelry and may cast on for it.  Whats putting me off is that I am so slow with knitting I have no idea if I will ever finish it.  How  does one do that!!! WOW!

I found a  tutorial here. Maybe I can get there some day.

I tried to Tat some as well.Nothing to write home about there as well .

All I am trying to do  these days, is to try  make soft rotis! Seriously!

I’ve always preferred pooris to rotis and never thought of making them until I had these super soft chapathis at a friend’s place. Now I just have to make rotis like her.So I’ve made that  my life’s mission at present :P

The weekend was fun;  Went over to the Avenues  the window shopping part was  fun .When it came to real shopping, it got boring! Shopping and boring in the same sentence? and that coming from a self confessed shopoholic?  Shocking I know!

But we all know shopping for boys is nowhere as fun as shopping for girls rt?!

Although dh never gets impatient with the time I take for shopping,  he wears out my patience shopping- - this time looking for his dream pair of sneakers.  Anyways we did find what he wanted so its alright  now.

We took the kids to a Science Exhibition, which was good.  Enjoyed looking thro' various projects the kids from various schools had made. Some kids did such a  wonderful job of explaining their projects which made it all the more interesting .

The highlight of the evening however ,was going out with friends for some  spicy Chaat in the open air.The weather is gorgeous in the mornings , but kind of gets chilly at night. So we started off shivering in the  open air setting but the yummy food and lively conversation kind of warmed everything up .Soon we forgot all the chillness in the air and gorged like that was the last time  we'll ever eat!

I did get the foot in the mouth disease a couple of times don't know when I will get to the older and wiser part!   Gawd its so embarrassing* sigh* .I am working on that as well. Other than that it was all  good.

Now,Why didn't we think of this before?!
"M, if you donot go to school, you will have to go to LKG again  when all your friends will go to UKG"
M patting Mom consolingly, "don't worry mumma, how many times I have to telled you, I'll run as fast as I can and go sit in UKG?"


  1. Men and their shoes!!!! I get into a trance when we go into a shoe shop to buy shoes for him....and they all look the same to me!

  2. Good to read your blog....i was wondering why you are not posting anything....your blog is my inspiration for crochet. Without doubt i got inspiration from your blog this time too...the slingbag....let me see if i can make one.

    the weather is always troublesome this time of the year. this time we went to a homeopath...so things are better. otherwise we will be on antibiotics atleast 3 times in 3 months time.

  3. Yeah, everybody seems to be busier these days, winter and kids? :)

    Soft chapatis are hard to make, took me many yrs to perfect that. Chaats are always yum in Winter or any season! :)

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for visiting my blog....yes, Sona told me about your blog...glad to meet another blogger & crocheter from Kuwait :)

  5. Nice to read your post, as always. Belated Happy Anniversary!

  6. You know my trick for soft chapattis is adding a few tablespoons of really hot oil to the dough before you begin kneading it. This makes realllllllly soft chapattis. Happy belated anniversary, glad to hear that you had a wonderful time with your hubby:)

  7. Swapna, I so get the trance part :).... the shoes all look the same to me too!

    Nima, thanks for your sweet words.You must see the weather today. Dust fog all around !

    Thanks Asha, is there a fool proof method to make soft chapathis? Please do share tips .

    Hi Swapna Welcome Welcome. I am soo excited to meet you :D

    Thank you Mimi :)

    Thanks Preeti ...will definetly try that tip :)


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