Daphne's Red Hot sling Bag

This bag was on my list of to do for the longest time I guess.For some reason, I kept putting it off thinking thinking it was hard.....so whats new?!

Anyways, here it is.....

For stitch closeup

Project details:

Pattern : Daphne's red hot sling bag

Hook: 3.5 mm Inox

Yarn: Schachenmeyr no motto Catania 100% cotton

  • the bag Colour :0192 lot :4490

  • the flower Colour: colour: 0108 lot: 5855

Tid bits:

  • I used a Skein and a wee bit of another skein in red.

  • I was expecting a bigger end product but I think I am happy with the size

  • I really love the texture the FP dc creates along with the shells.

  • was a wee bit disappointed that it was not that different from Donell's Pullstring Bag, except for the bag bottom which was the reason I wanted to make this bag in the first place. ( so why am I complaining_ not complaining its just that I realised ,only after I started making the bag that they both are not very different.)

  • I wanted the flower to pop out so used another colour for the flower too.

  • I think the beads  match the stopper flower really well. no?


  1. Love that bag, I've made some before but I only got to post one. I like your version, very nice color combination!

  2. wow...beautiful colour choice....very pretty. I moved my blog to blogger when you were in India. may be that's why you didn't know about it.

  3. Ooh, I like that-I am so partial to bags, I think I'm gonna make one. Thanks for the link and I love the touches you added.

  4. Beautiful bag and I love those colours....very nice colour combination!

  5. I love the red colour you have used for the bag. My sis too made a similar looking bag.... it was quite spacious from the inside.

  6. Great bag...you are right about the matching beads.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a lovely little bag and the doilies are gorgeous! Nice touch with the beads.

  8. Thanks Ladies, for stopping by and commenting :)

  9. Lovely bag and the flower does show up well against the burgundy!!

  10. Very cute bag! Perfect for giving little gifts...

  11. Thanks Nupur :) So nice to see you here!


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