Happy Birthday superMan

To make his day special, I made his favourite food.
Breakfast was Kesari, idiyappam,and chicken stew. Dh said they all tasted so good coz, it had the secret ingredient of love in them :)

Lunch was Biriyani and onion salad.

In the evening we ordered in food from a nearby Chinese restaurant called China Lake. We ordered chicken fried rice, Kando chicken, chicken noodles,and chicken Manchurian.I must say we really enjoyed the meal .
Especially Big Brother and Dh loved the kando chicken as it was kind of sweet .We were so hungry that by the time, the food arrived, we got down to eating it straight away.I forgot to take a picture :)
This birthday was special coz it was on a Friday which is our weekend.Not just that the liberation day National day fell on Wednesday and Thursday, which meant we got to enjoy a long weekend. The great thing was this year, Dh got holidays on all three days.Which we thought was fantastic as we rarely get long holidays and get time to spend time together.


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