Japanese Floral Doily

We've been having terrible weather much like the one we had before. Which meant lots of cleaning, taking care of a sick baby and being away from the computer. Since much of the time was spent  walking around around the house,as opposed to vegetating in front of the computer screen this Doily_  yea the same one I had been mentioning on and off here_ that had been languishing in my craftbasket without getting blocked, caught my attention and I decided to get done with it. So what do you think?

Project Details:

Thread : Aunt Lydia's thread

Hook: 1.5mm Jimra hook

Patterns: Japanese Book  Beautiful Lace doily and Table Centre.

Tid Bits

  • I feel I should have made the outer lace edging in Blue, so as to make it look like flowers in a pond

  • This pattern being in charts is the only  reason I attempted this doily, eventhough everything else is written in japanese.

  • I didnot block it like I usually do.Just sprayed starch on it and ironed it.So I am not too happy, I could have done better blocking.But this will have to do I guess.

  • This doily had been lying around for so long that I almost forgot most of the specs. Lucky I still remembered which book I took the pattern from.

  • Donot have the  thread wrappers and so couldn't record the colour number and other details.

  • The  varigated thread is from a ROAK and the green is DMC thread I got here.

Oh and for Valentines day , dh sent me a surprise lunch from office as he was working while I was cooking up a surprise meal for him ! So there were lots of smiles .......and for the record we donot celebrate Valentines' day  coz we are not  all that  lovey dovey  you know! :P


  1. wow...wow...wow....it looks pretty....

  2. it looks wonderful!:) hey can i know the pattern details of this one..

  3. Beautiful doily....love those pink flowers!!

  4. Beautiful doily !! Great work !!

  5. thanks for the kind words Nima, Swapna, Rima VJR , its always encouraging to read your comments :)

    Sreedevi : welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words :) the pattern is from the Japanese Book called Beautiful Lace doily and Table Centre.

  6. It would look pretty in pink and blue, but its lovely as it is ;)

  7. Thank you Mimi, I should give that colour combo a try soon :)

  8. What a pretty doily:) I'm sure it really brightened your home through the recent bad sand and dust gusty weather. I think that it looks pretty with the green because the flowers really pop!

  9. Wow, such a beautiful creation.

  10. thanks for stopping by Anitha and your sweet words :)


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