Special Dinner

Domino's pizza over here has an offer of ' Buy one get one Free 'every monday.
Whenever Dh wants to surprise us, he gets us pizza taking advantage of this offer.
The children love pepperoni with cheese.I love Tex Mex which has jalapeno, olives, grilled chicken onions and green peppers as topping.
Today was one such night and we had pizza for dinner.
He said he was going down to meet some of his friends and when it was a little late, I knew , today being Monday, it was going to be Pizza for dinner! Well, I just happen to know him well :)
Whenever this happens, I get excited I do not have to cook dinner.Also get to eat one of my favourite toppings. Specially the spicy Jalapenos.
The children love their pepperoni toppings.At times, when they donot have too much to study, we add in some fun kids movies.Mostly from Walt Disney. I love their animated cartoons.


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