Badam Milk

With the temperatures soaring high this summer, the need to have chilled desserts also go high.Ice creams are a huge favourites,Kheer/badam milk is a close second!

Ingredients :

1/2 lit Milk

150 gms Sugar

1 tsp Rosewater

100 gms Almonds

a few strands Saffron

a few drops Almond essence

1/2 lit Boiled and Chilled Milk


Soak almonds in hot water for one hour.Peel the skin.Grind to a smooth paste.Add 1/2 lit milk and mix well.Add sugar. Stir well till all the sugar dissolves well.Boil till thick.Remove, cool and refrigerate till cold.

Meanwhile,soak saffron in a little hot milk and mix well.Add chilled milk and blend the boiled and cooled thick almond /milk ,in a blender together.

Add saffron,a little more milk, rosewater and almond essence to the badam Kheer.Blend again for a second.Pour into tall glasses and serve.

Cook Book Scribbles:

  1. You can add a few strands of saffron while serving for people who don't like the taste of saffron , instead of blending with the milk.
  2. You can also add silvered,soaked almonds to the kheer for that extra taste.
  3. Adding less milk to the mixture,makes it yummy Badam Milk/kheer


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