Seraphina Shawl

This shawl has been on my To -List for so long. After several frustrated and failed attempts to make it, I decided to forget about it and live in peace. I tired to forget about it and tried to live in peace with it. No luck. I really can work myself into a OCD , sometimes when I cannot get some thing rt. I blame  my grandmom for this .You see ,she told me of this story of a King named Bruce of Ireland or somewhere and the Spider that inspired him with its perseverance to build a web so many times that it is set in stone on my brain, arrggh what to do???? what to do???

Every time I looked at a finished shawl, someone made, I would take the hook and yarn and try it................ get totally frustrated by the fourth row and throw the thing off.............and the saga went on and on till I saw this link and this chart and  thought maybe, I still had hope.

So I tried it........... with the help of the chart, I started and finished in the same day!That 's the magic of charts  I tell you! You can never make me  appreciate a written pattern after this!

I have no idea  why this picture turned out like this.....You all have to tilt your heads  just a wee  bit to the right to view this ....... Now your heads are tilted to the rt? Sorry about that people !

here you go ,a better way to look at it........the close up and true colour

the full view

Project Details

Hook : N Susan Bates

Yarn : Jo-ann Sensations Rainbow Boucle  Pink  Art#08035990; colour # 207; Lot#102 ; 88% Acrylic 12% Nylon

Pattern: Seraphina Shawl


  • I fell in love with the pattern because of the lovely colour graduation that this yarn gives

  • When I was gushing about how beautiful it looked ,  Deneen ROAKed it to me

  • Intially it was hard working with this yarn,  about a couple of rows, then it was a breeze

  • I absolutely love the final look of the shawl

  • Now I can live or die in peace :p

M 's final assessment is almost over. Although he didnot go to school for most part of the year, he did quite well as I was teaching him at home. I had to go  with him everday he went to school and brought him back as soon as his tests got over. While I was there,I could see why he hated school so much.

It was heart wrenching to see my little boy cowering in his corner, eyes brimming over with tears threatening to roll down any minute. I am glad this year is almost over , just a few more days.  How I wish there was an homeschooling option.Never mind the fact if I would lose my head completely, if I did that as well.

At home, he is this little vivacious creature,and talks nonstop often mispronouncing words and using his wild imagination to come up with words he cannot remember and just because I am this terrible pathetic mom who wants to suddenly hang on to the long past baby days, and thinks this last baby of hers is not allowed to grow I make no attempt to  correct him, simply because, its not only is  so cute   to hear him say Helkumis for Hercules, Laabel for Rubber and Cloudways for Airways, Tamilnadan for Tamil,  Velikels for Vehicles , Aminals for animals in his  little Hewey voice, but also because we get to laugh behind his back  bad bad parents!!! .........more specially coz my  big BOY A  so disappointed me with his  proper pronunciations and perfect  speech during  his baby days.


  1. Your Seraphina looks gorgeous, Pearlin! All your photos are wonderful too...the yarn really works nicely to show the design.
    I hope your little boy gets used to school next time around...I always look forward to school breaks ;)

  2. Congratulations on finally completing the shawl... it looks great !!

  3. That chart is the only thing that gives me hope. I hated trying to do it from the designer's original instructions.

    Give me charts every time!

  4. Pearlin...that looks gorgeous...beautiful choice of colours.

  5. Beautiful work on the shawl, I love the graduation in the colors.

    Glad that school's almost out for your kids. Prithvi is just finishing up second term before Spring Break. Now why do they call it "Spring Break" in the Middle East???? Many of my friends in Dubai homeschool their kids so I'm sure that option will be available in Kuwait too. Enjoy the hols with the A&M and hope you will be able to wear your shawl before it gets too warm!

  6. The shawl is beautiful... I like written patterns some times for the only reason i can copy just a part of it on to a small card and carry it along with the project. But yes the way the designer writes it also matters...
    Dont worry about the kids pronounciation... they pronounce it correctly in their head... only we hear it differently :-)

  7. Whoa- you made this in a single day in the end?! It looks wonderful. I have been eying this pattern for I know that I should give it a try soon.

  8. Gorgeous shawl-I have avoided this shawl for something like 3 years now and should just do it! I forgot about that yarn and it does stripe wonderfully doesn't it?

    My neighbor's child hated school in Kindergarten, part was the teacher I guess. She used to have to carry him on the bus-this year, he loves school and he's matured so much, sometimes it just takes a little time. His pronunication of certain words were off too, but it all worked out-maturing was the important thing for him, apparently he wasn't ready.

  9. Beautiful shawl Pearlin and you made it in a single day?? thats wonderful!!!

    Glad to hear your son appeared for all the test papers.....hope he will enjoy school mine got holidays so really busy....enjoy the hoildays with kids!!!

  10. Love the shawl...I really like the pic of it hanging with the outside scene behind it!

  11. Mimi: thank you I cannot wait for this year to be over for the boys!

    VJR:Thanks :)

    Swapna : thanks YAY for the charts! *Give me charts every time*ditto for me too :)

    Nima: thanks :)

    Preeti : thank you. I'm glad this year this over for the kids.This shawl is not that warm, I could wrap it around if the Ac gets a bit chill too :)

    Radhika:thanks . if the written pattern is easy to follow.....its ok. Pattern instructions and charts for every pattern would be ideal no? :)

    Nupur: thanks. The big hook was the trick and also there are only about 18 rows there, not too big like it looks.And the chart makes it v easy to follow too. No need to think ! Do try this pattern, it fun once you know how it goes. :)

    Deneen : thanks again for sending me this gorgeous yarn . I love the way it stripes!
    yes, its the teacher.You are right on dot about him being ready.I thought M was ready , but he obviously wasn't.Lets hope this new school year would be good :)

    Swapna: Thanks.Yup in a single day! The big hook makes it go really fast .The hols start this week for the kids.Can't wait for some relaxed time, without the early morning rush! :)

    Lucy: thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  12. I was just admiring the designs of your hand work. Very very cute. Hope you are doing well. How is the little one? Will share the chicken sandwich recipe with my friend :) Take care. Viji

  13. Thanks Viji for dropping by and your kind words. :)

    Thanks Nima, nice to see you :)


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