That little hand

is small no more

Where did those dimples on that  chubby little hand disappear???? omy!!when did this happen?Did I blink and miss it?O man! this growing up thing is too much to take in for this wimpy mom


  1. thanks Nima. I miss the baby days!

  2. They grow up so quick. I can't believe Kiki is already 16 months old and loves immitating my every move especially the hair combing, mascara applying, lipstick smacking parts:):) Girls are fun, but boys are amazing!! Enjoy Mamahood - best job on the planet:)

  3. Cute! One of those kind of pics that I wish I could have taken with my kids a long time ago...

  4. Thanks Mimi, I love these sort of pictures :)

  5. Oh yes sure they grow up fast....... too fast I can imagine how cute Kiki looks doing all the immitating. so Precious!


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