My bedside table is also my computer table.The things keep changing all the time here.Today, these were the things on my bedside.
Joining in the My Place And Yours: Bedside fun once again this week!


  1. ooo I like all your bits. And you're a tatter too! Aren't you clever? I intend on learning how to do it one day. So lovely

  2. Oh, look at that tatting on your table! Very nice! I ♥ tatting!
    I hope you show a close up of your tatting sometime. If you sure to come on over to my blog and let me know (in the comments).

  3. Hi, Pearlin,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for the comment.
    keep coming by.

  4. thanks for visiting me today, it is lovely knowing people are reading your blog :)

    so I have no clue what 'tatting' is. Is that tatting, the pink woolen circle? It looks croched to my eyes. Please inform me O-tatting queen! xTracey

  5. Mm... pretty things on your bedside table. Looks like you are doing lots of tatting too. Do show the close ups! I've been tatting too lately .Trying to make some Christmas stuff.

  6. gee wiz that's a bit tempting, bring the computer into the bed room, i could blog all night!! yay! your crafts look lovely too!

  7. The bedside table as a computer table is not a bad idea! Multipurpose furniture. I love your crafty bits- they look tricky, I have never heard of tatting, but they look very pretty.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the name of your blog! That's so cool that your computer is right by your bed, but if mine was I don't think I'd get any sleep! :)

  9. Oh I could never sleep next to my computer, way too much temptation and inspiration. I had no idea your pieces were tatting but now I have read some of your comments I do and I am ever so inspired to have a go. I'm off to google it now.

  10. M*:
    thank you,I am just learning to tat.Its not difficult at all, do give it a go.

    I am so excited to see you here in my space! I am a big fan of your Tatting!Will surely let you know when I finish this project.This is my first real one.

    Vinnie: Welcome Welcome :)

    but ofcourse , we must work on a same craft at the same time!!! :).I've been thinking Christmas stuff surprises there I guess :)

    Vintage Fabric Addict:
    Welcome.We have the computer in the bedroom because of lack of space. thanks for dropping by and your kind words

    Welcome.In small spaces, multipurpose furniture is the way to go.I am just learning to tat.This is my first project. Thanks for dropping by

    Loved your blog too!I've got so used to having the computer on the bedside, that when I get sleepy, I don't even remember its there :)) Thanks for visiting my blog too.

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting.Tatting is so fun!I'm still learning too and You Tube has some great tuts.

  11. very neat!..i love those colourful crocheted doyleys and the tatting intrigues me too!

  12. I love the tatting shuttle and the work in progress there. Very neat and organized bedside table unlike my very cluttered one.

  13. Thank you Marian.Welcome to my blog :)

    Thanks Preeti.I have to show your comment to Dh, he thinks I have too many things there !:))

  14. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and thank you for your comment.
    I adore your handiwork here, thanks for sharing your bedside :)

  15. Welcome Kali and thanks so much for your sweet words. :)


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