Block #2 Done!

I’ve done this block before,still it was fun to do it again. This time, I am glad, the block turned out much better than the one I did before.

If done perfectly with the 1/4” seam, the corners and all the seams will align and make a perfect block. I am not yet there, but its an improvement. Still a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go!

Step One IMG_4137

Step 2IMG_4143

Step 3




Here are Block#1 and Block#2 together.


The Step by Step instructions, with pictures are so useful for a Visual learner like me.Its so easy to follow and the group over at Ravelry is also very supportive .

That s what makes it such a fun project for me. I still need to do Block 2.5 which got pushed into the backburner following the boys falling sick.

The entire household got into a confused state and all crafty activity came to a screeching halt soon after! On top of that the bobbin case in the machine came off .I hope its nothing big, will have to take it to dealer.Until then all my stitching projects are on a hold ! the irony is , I’m feeling sooooo stitchy right now! Sigh!!!


  1. Bummer, hope you get it fixed soon because this quilt is going to look just lovely!

  2. Thanks Preeti, I'm sooo excited about these blocks too.Can't wait to get it all done!


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