Harvest Festival 2009

The children have now recovered and Little Brother started school today.He was so excited about his new Thomas train Bag.
Yesterday was our church Harvest Festival. We make a lot of food stuff to sell and give the money to the church.There were several items to be auctioned off as well.
I made mutton cutlets to sell. IMG_4213 a shot of one batch of stuff I made. 
En route to church, there was an accident and we got late for the service .Got in just in time as the Harvest Festival was getting announced open.
I had made just  enough for Twenty  boxes.Two in each.  I sold out soon enough .I like to keep the stuff low priced so more people can afford to buy. I made these  last year as well and did it again  as it was a success last time as well.Next year I have to think of something new.
We stocked up food for two days, buying from each and every stall!!!
I’ve always wanted to sell my handmade stuff at this Festival , and always always chicken out.This time, a girl was selling paper flowers and I got them just because they were handmade.Also coz, it reminded me of my Mil, who makes all these flowers at home.IMG_4223


  1. I love mutton cutlets! Now you are reminding me of a restaurant back home...

  2. :) thanks for dropping by Rima


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