My Creative Space #2

This week my creative space was filled with tatting,I had three false starts before, I got the hang of the pattern
As I sat there trying to get the pattern right, my little M was happily drawing pictures to cheer me up.These are for my birthday he said. (which is in January, btw)IMG_4269 IMG_4263
Finally I got pattern!
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  1. I cannot get over this ! I'm also busy tatting these few days. what pattern are you working on? It's looking very pretty.
    Btw, I'm using the same colours too!!! Yikes, coincidence? Nay! Something funny in the works !!

  2. Hahaha we've talked about this before, but there's an invisible thread that makes our minds work alike .I remember we chose the same colours too when we started knitting at the same time!! Great minds Yasmin, Great Minds!LOL

  3. hello thanks for your comment on my blog. i have never heared of tatting before so thanks for something new too! this creative space looks lovely i especially like your birthday drawings. it looks like someone likes the number 4 there are lots of things in 4's in both!

  4. thanks handmade romance.Since we are a family of four, my little one, likes to draw everything in fours _one for each of us :))


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