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I fell in love with this concept and this week , I’m joining in Kootoyoo’s My Creative Space ,
Now ,one half of the boys’ room is my work space.I like to sit there doing my stuff as they play around in their room.They now know that are not supposed to touch my stuff. They of course cannot resist at times to play with my stuff.I am totally ok with that, as it makes them be part of everything I do as well make them take interest in my hobbies.Like for instance, they have both played with my paints and brushes like forever and now, they like to paint with water colours all the time.I was pleasantly surprised to note that they didnot soak the paper with water on their first attempt!
The table I work at most of the time,you can see my WIPS lying around there.On the right hand side I keep my miscellaneous supplies ,yarns and threads.IMG_4141
I found the picture on this blog and printed it out.
My boys protested much about placing a "girly picture" there in their room.But then I convinced them, its only in my space, and not in their room! ;)
I adore Mary Engelbreit graphics.I am sooo going to stock up on her stuff if and when I get a chance to go to the US! I took this picture as I was making Block #2 of the Quilt Along at Ravelry.
I’ve found some very inspiring blogs full of eye candy over here


  1. Your WIPs look fabulous! My daughter would be into everything and have strewn all about the house, lost and mangled. Nice that your boys are part of what you do.

  2. Your craft space is lovely. Kiki loves looking at my stuff and steals a little "yarn petting" time when she thinks that I'm not looking:)

  3. I love the creative corner. My first time here & I love this space :)

  4. Hi Lola Nova, thanks for dropping by. Its more fun to do stuff with the kids rt?

    Thanks Preeti,its always great to start them early! :)

    Hi Shillu, welcome and thanks

  5. Love the colours of those blocks your making.
    Nice space you have.

  6. Leahdis:Thanks for dropping by, Welcome


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