Come on in……

……through the front door of my little apartment ….lets sit and chat over a cup of masala chai! :))
This week’s Theme Queen Shelley from Femme de Montmartre wanted everyone joining in Pip’s My Place &Yours to show what everyone can view Through the Front door


  1. Your place looks really welcoming ! I'd love a cup of masala chai :P I'm happy to 'meet' someone from Kuwait !

  2. Your home looks so lovely and cozy! And so very tidy!!!

  3. I love the meme you are doing! Thanks for sharing your home with us! the view from the door looks very inviting! and, I must say, you home is very tidy!!!

  4. Lovely house u have. I share the same door number :)

  5. When can I pop in there?!!;)
    Lovely Place!!! :)

  6. Wow your floor is sparkly and your place is clean, so different from what I see when I open my door.

  7. ExcUsE mY frEnch: Sure , your masala Chai is waiting here for you :)))Welcome welcome.So glad to meet you too!

    thanks Preeti :)

    thanks Josie :)

    Hi Vidya!So glad to see you drop by! same pinch ;)

    You are welcome Anytime Bharathy!So glad to see you here.thank you :)

    Thanks Kate,I love your place too.

  8. Oh yes please! Chai please! And a chat too, that would be ace! Thank you for playing along with us all! x

  9. nice house...very welcoming

  10. I agree, its a very tidy and cozy place!
    Love your signature ;)

  11. Pip Chai is ready , you are welcome anytime! .Its a pleasure playing along in this Meme :)

    Thanks Nima, so good to see you back!

    Thanks and thanks Mimi :)

  12. ohh, I'd love to come in for a masala chai!
    thanks so much for visiting me and great to 'meet' you.


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