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A very lovely theme chosen by this week's Theme Queen Kate of FoxsLane for Pip's My Place and Yours Meme is to show our collections.
Now I collect so many things .Apart from the things I have already shown here and the craft supplies, sadly none of my special collections are here.I really wish I could show you my Antique Brass collection , which is at my mother's place right now in India.
This is a new collection, one I’ve recently started.
My little collection of souvenir spoons….. I have four from each different state of the US and one from Dubai so far.


  1. It must be so hard to be separated from your special collections. I love a teaspoon collection, small, compact and full of memories of the places you've been.

  2. cute! I'm the same with colored glass, teapots and miniature painted tins. I have so many strewn around the house and love swapping things around every once in a while. I'll keep my eyes open for quirky, vintage-y type teaspoons to add to your collection.

  3. It would be hard not having your collections around you but I suppose you can console yourself starting lots of new ones.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Kate.Yes its hard not to have special collections around .thats why I keep collecting whatever catches my fancy :)

    I have a weakness for Coloured glass, miniature trinket boxes and teapots too.Specially looking at other people's collections :)) Thats so sweet of you to offer to keep eye for teaspoons for me.Thank you :)

    Hi The Back Shed Welcome. You are right thats the reason I start new collections thanks for visiting :)

  5. Hi, thanks for the visit to my blog! Nice to meet you! Your spoon collection takes me back to my childhood and visiting my grandma. Nice

  6. I guess you are just going to have to go travelling to add to your collection. Sounds like a good excuse. thanks for sharing :0)....So many wonderful collections to explore on the list...

  7. Oh yes spoons! lovely things to collect! and how exciting to have a brand new collection starting.

  8. Cute travel spoons! I have a collection of these too that belonged to my Great Aunt. I'd love to see your antique brass collection. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  9. Lovely spoons - look like they're gold-plated. Would love to see your antique brass collection too ;)


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