Quotable quotes from a five year old

  • Mamma, can you please tell my Class Teacher at the PTM , that M has to talk  in Class?
  • Mamma  look, my tummy says Carrots not allowed!
  • Mamma was I a Born Genius or have I become a Genius only now?!
  • Am I not too cute mamma?!!
  • because I ‘m too good?!


  1. Words of wisdom, I would say!!
    Alvin has started speaking and its fun and funny nowadays! I am waiting for his quotable quotes! ;-)

  2. Too cute! Kiki has taken to talking in third person when she's being naughty and says things like "Mama, she spilled her Cheerios" or recently when her mouth was smeared with lipsticks stains... "Mama, she ate your lipstick"

  3. I like them and agree ! Smart fella , you have there. Knows his mind ! Please give him a huge hug from me.

  4. thanks Josie,I'm sure its so fun to hear Alvin's Baby Talk.Gosh! I miss those days!

    thanks Mimi.Adorable he definitely is! :D

    Oh Preeti, I bet you couldn't keep a straight face after Kiki said "mama she ate your lipstick"! I can't help grinning every time I think about it!Sooooo cute!


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